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  1. Welcome!
  2. Will wearing headphones hinder the hypnosis experience.
  3. Did you ever resume hypnosis?
  4. 100 points for Earthbound reference.

  5. So something has been nagging at me for some time now... I have seen "spells" that turn people into animals (instead of regular hypnosis) and I was wondering what they were and how they work.
  6. Thanks! I will have to give some of these a try
  7. After getting out of a normal hypnosis slump due to worries about IRL stuff, I will be trying for a dog tf. I will be using different hypnotists on youtube and I will try and keep up to date on who works the best

  8. I actually have been having some worries about hypnosis lately. As I am getting busier with training for sports as well as work, I am worried that hypnosis will effect those parts of my life (i.e. randomly transform into an animal while at work) I have been so worried about this, that I have not done any hypnosis in about two weeks I guess I am just asking for help in getting the courage to transform again.
  9. Woo finally a normal member

  10. Yes. This series was the best
  11. What's it about?
  12. Oh ok. thanks!
  13. Where do I find the files here?