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  1. How did you get your banner thing?

  2. Anthro Or Feral?

    Definitely anthro. I just like the way it looks and it feels more right to transform into.
  3. General questions and stuff.

    Clearly that wasn't my intent.
  4. New Post Feed

    Oh Ok. Thanks
  5. New Post Feed

    I know of other forums using Invision Power stuff and they have this thing called "Recent Posts" It basically gives a list of the most recent topics. This would be cool just to see like whats new and stuff.
  6. So I have decided to start listening to the Transformation Parlor's videos daily and hopefully with enough practice gets some good results. This is the first hypnosis TF that I am trying. I am aiming for a dog so wish me luck

  7. I am beginning everyday listening to the Transformation Parlor's Dog Transformation. I was wondering what effect does this stuff really have on your life? Like does it completely change you? How long do the effects last? I just don't want this to interfere with IRL stuff so I would like to know any warnings now.
  8. RP Character Profiles

    Name: Ness Age: 22 Height: 5'5" Species: Wolf Physical Characteristics: Light brown fur; Blue eyes. Personality: Stays in a human form most of the time with his busy human life. When he is in his Wolf form, he is extremely lazy and does not have a care in the world. If someone touches him or his family, they never make it out unscathed. He can also change form into any non-anthro animal as he pleases, but the only anthro he can turn into is a wolf. Past: Ness was a normal human until he got in a fight. Afterward, he started to transform and realized the fury inside of him. He is typically a leader.
  9. General questions and stuff.

    Also, I kinda had some dumb questions too. 1) What is a furry? 2) What is an anthro? I usually do stuff with the transformation parlor and with silver hypnosis if that is any needed info. So after more research and such, I have decided to stick with animal transformations (found from like The TF parlor or silver hypnosis). I have also decided to look into being a furry. I am not sure where to start, so I kinda need help. I wanna embrace this so yeah. Also, if I am a furry, can I do tf's into other animals? EDIT: I am not sure how to "transform" into a furry so I may just stick with the regular tfs but hey I still consider myself an offical Wolf Furry.
  10. So I have a few questions. I am a super busy person with school and sports and stuff so I was wondering 1) How long does the effects of a transformation last? 2) Is anything permanent 3) will this change the way I think/behave/act in any way? Basically, I really want to do this but I don't want to effect any I RL stuff. Thanks!