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  1. How did you get your banner thing?

  2. Definitely anthro. I just like the way it looks and it feels more right to transform into.
  3. Thanks! I appreciate your response.
  4. Clearly that wasn't my intent.
  5. Oh Ok. Thanks
  6. I know of other forums using Invision Power stuff and they have this thing called "Recent Posts" It basically gives a list of the most recent topics. This would be cool just to see like whats new and stuff.
  7. So I have decided to start listening to the Transformation Parlor's videos daily and hopefully with enough practice gets some good results. This is the first hypnosis TF that I am trying. I am aiming for a dog so wish me luck

  8. I am beginning everyday listening to the Transformation Parlor's Dog Transformation. I was wondering what effect does this stuff really have on your life? Like does it completely change you? How long do the effects last? I just don't want this to interfere with IRL stuff so I would like to know any warnings now.
  9. Name: Ness Age: 22 Height: 5'5" Species: Wolf Physical Characteristics: Light brown fur; Blue eyes. Personality: Stays in a human form most of the time with his busy human life. When he is in his Wolf form, he is extremely lazy and does not have a care in the world. If someone touches him or his family, they never make it out unscathed. He can also change form into any non-anthro animal as he pleases, but the only anthro he can turn into is a wolf. Past: Ness was a normal human until he got in a fight. Afterward, he started to transform and realized the fury inside of him. He is typically a leader.
  10. I was scrolling through my youtube feed and I saw the transformation parlor. Then I looked into transformational hypnosis and I stumbled upon FurMorphed. I never saw myself as a furry but FurMorphed may have changed my mind.........
  11. Also, just to get opinions, should I become a furry?. I am quite busy, so it can't interrupt sports or school as that is my primary focus
  12. I came here thiniking it was a place that people who wanted to experience a hypnosis into another animal came. People keep talking about furry and fursona and I'm not sure what that is.
  13. Also, I kinda had some dumb questions too. 1) What is a furry? 2) What is an anthro? I usually do stuff with the transformation parlor and with silver hypnosis if that is any needed info.
  14. So I have a few questions. I am a super busy person with school and sports and stuff so I was wondering 1) How long does the effects of a transformation last? 2) Is anything permanent 3) will this change the way I think/behave/act in any way? Basically, I really want to do this but I don't want to effect any I RL stuff. Thanks!