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    I'm a furry with a great interest in music, gaming and art,

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  1. Anthro is more my style
  2. I was a closet fur and it honestly was the worst thing I ever did, I highly recommend that you talk about it, bottling it up only causes worse things to happen
  3. I came up with my fursona: Dewclaw Silvertail and based him around my love for wolves. I based him also on my personality, likes and dislikes
  4. I have found that becoming a furry is not as bad as people make out and there is no need to hide it. In my experience it was a great division to become one as it helped with my self confidence to be my own personality and it also helped me to socialise Sorry for the double post btw
  5. I became a furry after I met a friend who is a furry, I did a bit of reaserch on it after he told me he was one. And the fandom / community really interested me and I found that I fit into the community really well
  6. I've tried a few things but it seems to be quite a hard task to draw a fursona but I am really inexperienced
  7. The creative update is out for Windows ten apparently, anyone know what this update does
  8. I've been playing camping of Duty Black ops 3
  9. Hey there I'm also a new member, I'm also new to this transformation and only found out about it when I started to have a mental thing where I felt like I had a tail
  10. Is this a safe method of transformation? Or can be a risky course of action?