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  1. 100 points for Earthbound reference.

  2. Wait..... is that you in your profile pic?

    1. RubberDoggo


      Yes indeed! Hope that's not too risque for y'all. 

    2. ThatOneGorilla


      I love your rubber suit. I think it is more realistic than half of the fur suits out there. Where did you get it??

  3. What Movies Have You Been Watching Lately?

    NGL my friends made me watch Gone Girl the other day and it kinda messed me up LOL
  4. questions:

    Like what everybody else said, there's not going to be any physical changes from listening to hypnosis (unless the file encourages you to intake more calories???) But the mental changes can be very powerful and transformative.
  5. New Person Accepted

    Welcome to FM! So far so good on my end! Everybody here is suuuper friendly too ^^
  6. Woof!! :3

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! Really looking forward to it ^^
  7. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    Same as lots of folks here, I found out about FM on WMM. I've been using it for awhile, but I started really craving new material. Plus FM seems to have a much better sense of community, and I find that to be really inviting :3
  8. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    I genuinely believe falling asleep while listening to Hypnosis can drastically increase your suggestibility. I often listen to hypnosis while I sleep, I'll just leave it on a loop (even better if the file itself is a loop) and I can confirm I've had great success with various training and behaviour files. Of course I enjoy listening to hypnosis in a conscious state as well, to better understand the material, but I don't find anything wrong with sleeping while you listen.
  9. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    It's somewhat of a toss up for me. I have a loop that I've been regularly listening to for about three years that uses TTS, sometimes it can help depending on the scenario you're going for (Drone TF, Robot etc.) However generally I prefer a human voice only because a real person can put emphasis on the way they speak, which if the person has the knack for it, can contribute to a deeper trance much more effectively. It's very situational because there are some human made files I find to be very dull and boring, and some TTS files that I find to be jarring or awkward.
  10. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Just finished with BOTW. I've been trying to wrap up I am Setsuna before the 23rd when Disgaea 5 comes out for the Switch! Also been playing a lot of online Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ^^
  11. Woof!! :3

    Hello everyone! I'm quite new to the website, but a frequent lover of hypnosis! I'm really excited about having an account on here, the community seems so awesome! Hope we can all be friends :3