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    (probably going to use this space wrong...)

    - I took 2+ years of college working towards a bachelor's Degree for Electrical Engineering. Love to explore, learn, and experience new "things" [for a lack of words]. I've beta tested quite a few Video games, I've financially helped some artists, Video game makers, and miscellaneous content creators.

    - I would love to create Art; but due to O.C.D and lack of practice... fall short on to where I want it to be. I enjoy using a C.N.C mill to create objects (example: a solid Boeing Grade Aluminum Companion cube from the Portal games). I have 1 and 1/2 years worth of Architectural design, both Hand drawn and C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design).

    - I am one of the few individuals (seemingly) that enjoys Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, and Mathematics [I used to do Formulas for fun out of sheer boredom]. I've done construction for just over a year [Hard work, but rewarding... also the only place I can think of that would Allow me to move 30' Beams by hand. Always felt great].

    - I love to Analyze my surroundings. Sadly I do not do well in the social environment, I am an introvert and must force myself to interact with people to hopefully keep contact with people [yes even my friends I get nervous to talk to...].

    - I understand that this area is meant for "interests" but I though that some background info would be helpful in understanding me better...

    - I've always had a "connection" with wolves, Not joking, I've had it all my life. I like to try and figure out why, but there doesn't seem to be a logical explanation yet. The sad part is, It is most likely due to me always being treated like an animal. [ the most interesting possibilities include: past life, Native American Heritage, Spiritual Guide, or [probably the most interesting] the possibility of two souls becoming intertwined]

    - I'll spare you all from a talk about my troubled life. (it's the least I could do...) [though upon second thought, it may be fascinating to some who are interesting in psychology. But They'd have to prove trustworthy for me to let them have the information. It would also be a great relief to finally understand why every therapist I ever have "drops the case"].

    - Currently I've taken an interest in hypnosis. It is new territory to me (which is why I have started learning about it and cross-referencing it with What I already know about the functions of the Brain) and I did not expect it to work... at all. That has changed recently, Turns out that I am actually pretty susceptible to it. [questioning if Susceptible is the word I'm looking for.] After discovering that It works well on me, I've begun a journey of discovering my true self (also having some hilarious adventures on the way [example: the feeling of being compressed into a smaller form.[from 5'-9" to about 3'] The effects lasted for 1 hour before it would wear off. Shenanigans ensued!]).

    - It is also of interest for me because of the new experiences it allows to happen. I currently am working on visual alteration, starting with small things (although I know my brain is fully capable of it because I've seen it project an image of an anthro wolf in high detail (of which I still remember vividly from over 2 and 1/2 years ago), which I think it interpreted itself as me [not 100% sure though, because it was quite jarring suddenly seeing it appear before me and give me some semi-cryptic advice]. Guess now is a good time to talk about mental health. The only ailments that I have are Depression, A.D.H.D, and Acute O.C.D... Nothing Else. [Which makes me worry because of the question "How did I see something that seemed so real without any cause?". [Background info on that, I was pretty stressed at the time it happened].

    - I have much more to discuss, but I don't want to give too much away. Plus... you are probably tired of reading this by now. Thanks for taking time to read this (although I'll probably have to edit this at some point)

    - Signed
    LILmighty [Would use my paw-print to sign, but... limitations...]
  1. Im not so good but..

    I cannot draw organic because I obsess with ratios (Due to O.C.D). Wish I could draw better... Nice work though.
  2. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Guess I'm considered one of the people who didn't get to choose to be one. As for the reason for that? I haven't a clue. Literally been one for as long as I can remember. I've tried for years to pin-point exactly what caused me to be a furry, but Haven't found anything. I have some theories but they're a bit too farfetched for my liking. (Although pretty amazing by themselves). Heck, I'll just list them out here: 1. Native Heritage [This would mean that at some point I possibly got the spirit animal of my ancestors]; 2. Always have been treated like an animal (sub-human for lack of a better description); 3. Two spirits becoming intertwined somehow; (should be self-explanatory) 4. Literally always a wolf in my dreams (I have absolutely no explanation for why this is, but yes, I am always a wolf in my dreams. Most of the time Feral [walk on all fours, ect.] but occasionally Anthro) any of these theories could help explain why I associate more as a furry, but they're pretty unlikely... [except number 4. that still happens to this day, that is over 6,570 consistent dreams where I'm a wolf!] - Anyways, Sorry for Necroing the thread again. But it seems like tradition now for new comers to post here. I also enjoyed reading everyone's reasons. - LILmighty
  3. Closet furry

    Sorry for reactivating this post, but I find it funny that I had a similar history. I didn't know what a furry was until someone tried to use it as a derogatory term against me. I'd been one for years and didn't even know about it. I didn't have the problem of having to come up with a fursona though. I do still keep quiet about being a furry. I only tell people when I am 95%~100% sure that they won't be bothered (Basically they become friends first) Hope things have been going well Sleepy Fox. - LILmighty
  4. Anthro Or Feral?

    I feel more at home With Feral, yet it seems that subconsciously it is a bit of a mix (brain [completely by itself one day] projected a form and called it myself). If I had to guess the ratio: 70% feral , 30% Anthro. Whenever I run, I have a heavy feeling to run on all fours. I also tend to rely more on my senses (hearing, ability to see in low light, scent, ect.). Also I have to constantly fight instincts... - I've also noted that more than half here Seem to be on the Anthropomorphic side. With (a too lazy to double-check guess) maybe 60%~65% mentioning hands.
  5. College anyone?

    I am also surprised by the amount of people that have chosen engineer. I currently already have two years of college towards a Bachelor's degree for Electrical Engineering. I'm saving up the money to head back and finish / waiting for colleges & Universities to not be so crazy... (current riots...)
  6. New Person Accepted

    Thank you for accepting me, I recently found this place during my explorations of the Internet. It has piqued my interest and seems to have a wonderful community. I'll be looking around, while trying to get my bearings. I still have to get used to the site. Also glad to hear the site is becoming more active [didn't want to have to revive old threads]. Hope that I can bring something positive to your community (anything really...). - LILmighty (there was a paw-print I use for a signature here... but Guess It won't let me)