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  1. Here I go. Im not good at furry so here's a human
  2. Hey

    Well hello! Its still nice to hear from you.
  3. College anyone?

    Things have been a little rough for me, so I took a break from college and am now working, but do intend on going back to finish.
  4. Retro Gaming?

    Not exactly a retro gamer.. but I love pixel art and the 2D aesthetic of retro games. I used to have a snes before it "mysteriously" dissappeared. Lol
  5. Anime & Manga

    To be honest, its been a while since I've really really got into anime, but does anyone here like My hero Academia?
  6. Hello, hello, hellooo! How is everyone? As you can see my name is mian, and I'm new here, I hope we can all get along quite nicely.