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  1. What should everyone be watching?

    I just finished Game of Thrones in time for the fifth season, which starts to air in April I think it was, I've really enjoyed it so far, the only thing I can really complain about is the fact that Lady Stoneheart hasn't show up, it's been a while since I read those particular books of course, but I'm pretty sure she should be around by now. Besides that it's been pretty great. Otherwise Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham are still on, and Agent Carter, a sort of spin-off prequel thing (I think) from Agents of SHIELD has started, I'm liking that too, and there's a spin-off of Breaking Bad called Better Call Saul starting soon that I want to check out. Other than that I've started watching Sleepy Hollow, and that's just about it for me right now.
  2. What should everyone be watching?

    I haven't been able to get around to checking /scorpion out, but I've seen a few trailers and bits for it around vidoes and places. What's it about?
  3. What should everyone be watching?

    Been a little bit. It's fallish now and a number of possibly cool new shows will be starting-or in one case continuing soon, in no particular order they are Gotham which I mentioned in my last post. that's coming 9/22 maybe. Next up is the third season of Arrow on 10/8 probably, Arrow's spin-off “The Flash†day before that. And finally Constantine around 10/24. Between the four of them I think I'm the most excited about the next season of Arrow, or maybe Constantine which I'm hoping will fill that hole the Dresden Files TV series never really got the chance to fill. As for Gotham? I'm over my disappointment over the whole no Batman thing, I guess they really couldn't just do "Arrow but with Batman" anyway , I just hope it's good and I see my favorite villains. As for things that can be watched today? I’m liking Heroes and also started watching Person of Interest which I think somebody mentioned earlier. Also can’t forget the new Doctor Who. Last have a few videos for a couple of those upcoming shows, note that the Arrow season three preview has spoilers for the second season, so if you haven't finished it and you want to avoid spoiling anything you shouldn't watch that one. Arrow Season 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKE36sL6jKc Constantine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPE2oBnzROY Gotham http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3MWXRT7GU8 Between the three I think Gotham has my favorite trailer.
  4. What should everyone be watching?

    The trailer for Gotham just hit, totally would have preferred a batman thing instead of the whole before batman thing they are going with, still I'm tentatively excited for it. Can't see how the series turns out till fall though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d1zpt6k5OI
  5. What should everyone be watching?

    Almost Human, that's that buddy cop thing right? but it's sci-fi and one of them is a robot?
  6. What should everyone be watching?

    Exactly how closely does GoT follow the books? Is it like a straight up adaptation, or is it a more Dresden Files sort of deal?
  7. What should everyone be watching?

    Anyone watching Agents of SHIELD? It's nice but I've heard some people say it had a sort of slowish start, sentiment I agreed with. The latest episode, last week's I mean not today, which hasn't aired yet... I think. Has what appears to be a spoiler for Winter Soldier, so uh heads up about that. Haven't seen the movie yet so I can't be completely sure but I am fairly sure.
  8. What should everyone be watching?

    Saw the first two seasons of Sherlock, I liked it too haven't been able to sit down and see the third yet. The mentalist, that's the one with the psychic right?
  9. If it's easier to just remove that middle bracket you should probably just do that, In regards to this change altering the total potential user pool of FM, I don't think it would effect things either way too much. How many people do you figure actually read and then agree to every EULA placed before them? I imagine either way at least a quarter-maybe half the future users who are under that age are going to lie and bump up their age to match the minimum for which ever option you go with. As a joke you could probably even set the minimum age to seven thousand and people would still swear they were that old if they had to be.
  10. What should everyone be watching?

    Ha, that count in the Voyager video has to be a joke or wrong or something right? Second recommendation Continuum. Continuum tells the story of Kiera Cameron CPS officer from the year 2077, who is dragged into the past when rebel group Liber8 puts into motion a plot to change the past, and ensure that the future never comes to pass. One of the things I rather like about Continuum is how each episode generally opens up with a scene depicting something from 2077. Continuum is currently in its third season, as of this post the next episode should air tomorrow, tomorrowish. Lastly some trailers. Season 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56augYhYdTA Season 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZJ36XqU4aQ Season 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apMVmY-LEI4
  11. What should everyone be watching?

    I've only seen a dozen handfuls or so of each Star Trek, what do you think of the other series like Voyager and Enterprise? If someone were to try and get into either Bones or Suits, assuming you couldn't start from the beginning where would be a good place to start? I notice Bones has almost two-hundred episodes, that's a lot! any particular episodes that can't be missed?
  12. I notice that we don't have a thread for show recommendations, lets try and change that! What are you watching right now? How about anything you've just finished, or what about any upcoming new seasons or shows altogether? To begin with I'd like to recommend Arrow, based on DC Comics' Green Arrow*. The show is currently mostly through its second season as of now, next episode should be next weekish. Switching between present time and five years ago, Arrow tells the story of Oliver Queen who has returned from the dead to Starling City with a list of names swearing to set things right. The acting, and stunt work are pretty great, and the plot is engaging. As for how friendly the show is to people who haven't been following it? No clue, I've seen every episode so I'm not really sure how clear things would be if you jumped into the middle. Two or more things I'd like to leave this first post with, a pair of videos, quick warning the second video probably contains spoilers, particularly for how the first season ends. So if you are concerned about that sort of thing you may or may not want to skip that one. arrow season 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oUgKtYUPPw arrow season 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlkGOk-633U *no clue how closely I don't really read comics.
  13. RP Character Profiles

    RP:Fleeting Identities Name:James Grant Age:25 Species:Human Physical Description:James Grant is a man of unremarkable appearance, of average height and weight, he possess white skin, black hair that is kept short and well groomed, and unremarkable grayish-blue eyes, he keeps his nails cut short and evenly, he is always seen with glasses which he needs to see clearly, and normally wears clothing that would be described as Business Casual. Back story:James Grant remembers his life-story to be an rather unremarkable story, he grew up in a small town and had the sort of normal childhood that the word put to mind, and attended a local public school while there he managed to neither fail or succeed in any particular subject, by the time he had graduated he was still a straight B student at the age of eighteen, he spent two years working at a local fast-food place and after he was able to afford it attended a local college. And after three years of college there was a change in James Grant, before this change he would have been described as a mediocre student, while he was motivated his results never quite seemed to match with the amount of effort he had put into his education, and so it was a shock to everyone who had known him when he dropped his education a year before attaining his bachelor's degree, it was an even greater shock when he had vanished in the dead of night leaving behind most of his worldly possessions. It was some time before James Grant had stopped moving and he was three states away, he had found a job in an office owned by a faceless company, it has been almost three years now since he had fled with only what he could carry in his own two hands, but the job was not what had caused James Grant to drop everything and run, in truth James can not quite remember why he had left and in such a hurry, in those three years James has forgotten.
  14. RP Character Profiles

    RP:Furry Total War Name:Lord Sicarius Thibault Age:31 Species:Fox Hight:5 foot 1 inch Weight:135 pounds Visual Characteristics:Lord Sicarius Thibault is almost forgettable in his appearance it would in fact be hard to pick him out from a crowd of his own people on sight, he possess yellow eyes and the same patern of fur that most foxes have, he also possesses the same exceptional reflexes, agility, speed and dexterity like most of his kind, the only physical feature that would cause him to stand out would be the milky cataract leaving him half blind and mostly nearsighted in his left eye. Lands:While every suggestion is given that Lord Thibault may own some land no record of it may be found, nor can anyone seem to find anyone who might have been to these lands be found, it is always a friend of a friend who knows someone who may have been there once, nor has he ever left the capital for any reason other then to fulfill the king's business.