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  1. Still alive, for anyone wondering.

    1. Kanibal


      Yeah, I had wondered

  2. Been feeling a little... off, lately.

  3. hahahah sorry look at the "wish" previous

  4. Much obliged, Khaz.

  5. Technically ain't till tomorrow where I'm at, but I appreciate it.

    You're the first to wish me a happy 18th, so achievement unlocked for you.

  6. mattspew, please don't post in topics older than 14 days. It brings them back to the top of the list after being dead for a long-ass time. Although, this kind of thread has no real direction, so I don't see a problem with this one. If I haven't said yet, I play FamiTracker. Not too badly, if I might add.
  7. So lemme get this straight. If I have an opinion about a certain high profile case that is contrary to the norm, my right to free speech doesn't matter, and I should just shut up? The nerve of some people.

  8. I have the ability to sometimes be a real douchebag. I don't mean Jersey Shore douchebag, I mean complete effing ass douchebag. If I do this to you, you can go ahead and call me on it. Insult me, drag me down, shut me up. If I realize that I'm being a douche, take your point seriously, realize my point was stupid, if I even had one, and then agree with yours, stop insulting me. You then are the douche.

  9. Species?

    Describes me better than I ever could. Thanks. :D
  10. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Honestly. I ask myself this once in a while, and the answer is always different, so I just chalk it up to "I really don't know."
  11. Interesting note: My friend Kody and I are having a musical battle. Him, guitar, me, FamiTracker. Gonna be fun.