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  1. Hypnosis vs Subliminals

    Nice new profile pic, and yeah i will check that out tomorrow if I'm not too busy with holiday stuff
  2. Hypnosis vs Subliminals

    That's pretty cool thank you I'm really exited to try the hynosis on this site.
  3. I'm legitimately curious what gets better results between subliminals, binuarals, or hypnosis. I see them all over youtube (and tried some) but I never had any real opinion about which affected me most. I mostly want to know on a scientific level but personal experience is welcomed as well. Curiosity purely fuels this post so no debate is necessary.
  4. Pokemon tabletop

    I have been playing an awesome game that is D&D and pokemon if anyone is interested i can put the link in this thread. also i can give ideas if you want to make a campaign. Or if you have already played this could be for talking about how it went (there is a lot of funny things that can happen when you play with friends)
  5. Closet furry

    I'm the same way where about 3/4 of my friends know and my family doesn't (I think my mom does but she is cool with everything). I'm proud of being a furry I just wish the public opinion was better and people knowing that it's no freakish or purely sexual.
  6. wow this was the first thing i saw on this site, and I'm glad it was. Thank You
  7. Hello friends

    i'm so exited to be apart of this site, and i hope to make new friends. ps. i do realize how stupid my username is. (and if you couldn't tell I'm a total weeabo and proud of it) XP