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  1. Closet furry

    Oh ok I see, my family doesn't know and it'll probably stay that way for some time. But when I was called one at college I just had to deny it, can though it was true. Like I feel like being a furry is a secret that only I and one or two friends (who are also furries) know about. I don't have the guts to tell one of my best friends as im scared that it might damage our relationship. And cool thanks for the bit about the fursonas just wish I was a bit more confident in who I am so that I would want to cry or be sick or die when being called a furry in public.
  2. College anyone?

    That's sounds awesome!! And have fun in the studios over the next few years
  3. How does text hypnosis work?

    Oh ok thanks. I'm not really much of a reader which may be a reason as to why I prefer spoken hypnosis. But thanks anyway
  4. Closet furry

    It's been really awkward these past few days as people have noticed my phone background and started calling me a furry. I sent it even though I know it's true but it makes me feel sick and on the verge of crying. The thing is idk why like the told some people I'm a furry mainly becuase they are too so I guess I don't want to be seen as something else in the real world. I'm really not sure tbh.
  5. Closet furry

    So recently I discovered that I'm a furry and have been for some time just when I was a kid didn't know that that's what it was called or that the community even existed. But I haven't really told anyone, I've only told one person who is also a furry. But I haven't really told family or friends, should I? I feel that if I do I would be judged and possibly lose them so I kinda keep that part of me a secret. Also when looking through this site I've noticed many people have fursonas and other things and I don't have one, should I get one? Because I don't see myself as an anthro animal I just like them problem is I do eventually want to be hypnotised to experience feeling like one. sorry for the long post but overall I guess what I'm saying is do I stay a closer furry, and how do I go about creating a fursona because I have literally no idea.
  6. How does text hypnosis work?

    Oh I see, I'm not much of a reader so not sure if that will have any effect and I find that having to click or reply to a hypnotist will just put me off and often doesn't help me get into trance
  7. College anyone?

    I'm in a country that uses a different education system but if I'm assume that college is university then I haven't done that yet because that's should hopefully be starting next academic year
  8. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    I listened to another one last night which was an hour long but I kept falling asleep then I'd wake up and the script is still playing but I wouldn't be in trance so I would either fall asleep again until I just turned it off because it wasn't going to work. I'm feeling maybe I should listen to them either earlier or shorter ones
  9. Hello all

    No worries, thank you too ^-^
  10. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    The file was actually from a different website as I was waiting for the downloads page to be available. But the script was to take me deep then install a trigger so it repulsive be easier to return to that state. This was actually my second time watching it as I'm not very good at going into trance. Here's a link to it if you want to see it: http://hypno.nimja.com/listen/39
  11. Is it ok to fall asleep during hypnosis?

    I see but I don't remember dreaming of anything and I wasbt hypnotised to be anything it was just like an induction really. Does that make a difference?
  12. I was listen to an audio script about an obedience trigger but next thing I know is that I'm awake and it's morning. The script wasn't intended to make you sleep but does that mean the effects of it won't work?
  13. Hello all

    Thank you :D
  14. Hello all

    Hey I'm new here just wanted to say hi and also I did post a hello post but I did it in ther wrong section so I apologise for that. I'm learning where all the topics are, sorry if I caused any problems I didn't mean too
  15. I've seen people talk about text hypnosis and I did try one out the other day but it was a completely different experience to that of a YouTube video. I didn't go very deep and I'm not sure why, it could have been because it was my first one but I felt that having to click to move on the scrip didn't allow me to fully relax. Im gonna try some more but I'm leaning towards speech hypnosis since it's what I'm use to. But maybe there is something I'm missing and if anyone has any advice it would be very much appreciated.