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  1. Please help

    Im really pumped about this whole hypnosis thing, but then again i think thats the problem. I have ADHD and can not ever seem to go into trance. I never get any effects out of anything no matter how much i practice and try. Is there a good tf hypnosis that is great for beginners? Thx -KewlFox
  2. its so quiet here...

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    2. KewlFox


      hey, have you heard of the forum furrypile?

    3. Sleepy Fox

      Sleepy Fox

      I have not no, I'm new to the (what would you call this a fandom? Interest group? Idk) site but I'll be sure to check it out. What's it like?

    4. KewlFox


      it's awesome. It's just people around the world who are furries, getting together in one forum. (and yes it is a fandom, and also an interest group) :3

  3. Hello all

    Hai! thanks for the follow :3
  4. Furniture!!!

    sorry i posted here. there are now 666 posts in this category XD
  5. Webcomics

    omg. two kinds is like, my favorite comic ever x3