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  1. A few reasons, but I've always had an affinity for animals. Better with them then people usually. Plus I love the feelings of fur, fluff, feathers, and scales.
  2. What If?

    Actually, I'd wager that within 3 months things would be mostly "business as usual" if this happened. Those with hands would very quickly realize that those without hands need help, and would design more accessible devices. For most, it'll be very minuet changes to their lives. Drastic and chaotic, sure. But things tend to stabilize quickly. Would racism occur? That depends on a few things. But mostly I'd say, not by much, and it'll be a two way street. If there are still humans, that could be a problem, but also a solution. And within a year, I'd say things would be better than ever before. The added strengths of anthro's to society would only make things better.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here, nice to see that a site dedicated to furry transformation hypnosis exists.