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  1. Doctor Who

    anything really.
  2. Doctor Who

    state your theories and facts, quotes and stories, fanfics and favorites!
  3. Webcomics

    Has anyone here heard of Homestuck? It went on for 7 freakin years! http://mspaintadventures.com/ you're welcome.
  4. Retro Gaming?

    i actually still have my game boy advance. I still play yellow sometimes...
  5. hi

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    2. Alexander


      so how does this 5 day 5 post thing work?

    3. Sinclair Atomos

      Sinclair Atomos

      its on the TOS but basically, be active and ask questions, participate in the site, but yes did you read the terms of service?

    4. Alexander


      I kinda skimmed through it

  6. Pesterchum

    Basically a roleplay as if this were pesterchum. you can be a character, or just be yourself. also, this doesn't have to do with homestuck. Have Fun!! =D
  7. Greetings from the Ott!

    Thanks! =D