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  1. Thank you, I wasn't aware that worked. I'll give it a try tonight when I load up some more files.
  2. I'm noticing an issue. Whenever I try to load a file, it doesn't load. It'll take me to the address, where I can click play and enter the media browser, but it's completely unresponsive. The loading bar stops 95% of the way there, and I can't play the file. Any help?
  3. Closetfur for a long time, only been open and calling myself a furry for a bit over a year now. I've always been entranced with dragons, ever since I was a young child. The word "severe" isn't even enough to describe the extent. I've always used fantasy literature and media as escapism from grief, pain, and boredom, to an unhealthy extent. It was probably my best coping method I had at time, especially transformation. I hated myself for being a stupid fat loser, that everybody hated on (lots of people still hate me, actually!), and I'd always love transformation stories. How awesome would it be if I could shed this human form, become an awesome dragon, and fly away into Middle Earth or Alagaesia? I found out about hypnosis about 6 months ago, and experiment every now and then. Only got super tangible results the last two nights, and that wasn't with a furry TF file. I'm probably dragonkin. Not by spiritual way, but more by mental illness, which I imagine was partially triggered by my autism and constant obsession. I don't really want permanent results, but I want to know what it's like. I want to be strong, and brave, and heroic, in all the ways I can't already be. I may be that, but I don't feel it all the time. I love, help others, exercise, and push myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, to better myself in every way I know, but sometimes things just don't feel right. That's what got me into furry TF, and why I'm here.
  4. Thanks! I've been branching into some text hypnosis, and I'm starting to recognize when I'm in trance, and have some tangible effects. This is the page I've been using, the files here are safe and have innocuous effects. I was using lucid dreaming; I already have several types of synesthesia. I think my main problem right now is finding willing victims participants, lol. I understand the principles of how hypnosis functions, and what the various structures and components of a session do. I just haven't really gotten a chance to sink my teeth in and write/record some stuff, and get some feedback on here.
  5. I want this so bad,but gene therapy better become a more advanced thing soon. I'd love to have bird's wings and hollow bones, like from Maximum Ride. And at least that doesn't involve too invasive or crazy stuff as full blown furry transformation. But it'd be amazing to see the tech reach the point where you can transform and change yourself repeatedly, to different things without consequence.
  6. Welcome bro/sis! What kinda stuff are you aiming for with hypnosis? I just want to be able to do the temporary files a lot better.
  7. Thanks. Would EMG's effect clearing file in the downloads help with that, if I were to reach such a point? I'm wanting to try the trigger files, but I haven't found one that works for me.
  8. It's going to be amazing.
  9. My whole life, I've simply been enraptured with animals, and more specifically dragons. I was severely bullied, and I found comfort through stories and drawings of dragons and ferries. I wouldn't say I suffer from body dysmorphia disorder, as I feel comfortable in my current body, but I'd feel much more comfortable and right in that of a dragon.
  10. Honestly, it seems extremely difficult to happen, if at all. It's not necessarily a real thing - it's a name that somebody came up to describe a specific phenomena. A kernel panic error is when an operating system performs a routine or task that permanent damages itself, beyond repair. Unless you've done a crazy amount of files and ignored your own wellbeing, to the point you develop disorder such as depression, or SPTD, or suffer from severe mental disability or trauma (PTSD, for example), I'd say it's not possible. I've nearly had it happen once, but it was a short event, caused by severe insomnia, (3 hours of sleep a day, from 7:00 am to 10:00 am), physical inactivity, lack of emotional stimulation such as reading or games, and overuse of hypnosis files, which lead to a severe depressive state for a week, to the point I didn't have the energy or motivation to do anything besides sleep.
  11. Honestly, comics and stories are what keep me grounded in this fandom. It injects ideas into your brain, and you imagine it happening yourself, and often times reading leads you to enter a state of trance, purely from the hyperfocusivity you have reading the stories. My favorite stories/series are Ravenwolf, Furthia High, Urgent Transformation Crisis, and the Winds of Change. They all involve furry transformation, and have wonderful atmospheres and stories. I'd highly recommend that any of you read them, they're pretty much the big 4 transformation series. Unfortunately the genre is somewhat limited, and good material like this is few and far between. And it doesn't help 3 of them are on temp hiatus, and 1 hasn't been updated in 15 years. So what's your guys' favorite stories?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Is there anything special/different about the way they're designed, compared to normal non-trigger files, like are there different induction methods? I'm thinking I could try writing my own files.
  13. I really want a tail. Ideally it'd be like that of a dragon's, red, long and conical, with a leathery hide and hard shiny scales, and two leathery fins on the end, to aid with flight.
  14. I'm a dragon. I love characters like Smaug the Terrible, Toothless, and Alduin, and want to be a dragon myself. I'd wager I'm a real life Dovakhiin , dragon in heart and soul, but human in body. I'm just the child of Akatosh picked to pull the short stick, albeit a very deadly one.
  15. I just tried the same file as you, @Xeno Fensor. It's the 0.5 kHz binaural file, on Pokehypno.club, correct? It seems really decent, though some of the vocal distortion at the beginning threw me off a bit. It uses a different induction method than I'm used to though, instead of the usual countdown in the files I've heard before