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  1. Please help

    It takes a lot of time KewlFox. Keep at it. Most of all you have to find a hypnotist who's voice you are comfortable with and who never says anything that grabs your attention. It can be really hard as an ADD/ADHD. You just have to keep working the problem until you find the right combination.
  2. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Right at it. Too much repetition and I'm an objective listener consciously evaluating everything said. Anything clever? Poof full objectivity. I suspect most of us know the basics of how this works, but real mastery probably comes from experience and observation of results... something that's hard to get on the Internet. Still, results can be achieved, and multiple sessions with the same goal demonstrates repetition at some level does hold good, or even strong, success.
  3. Hypno site

    Which two would those be?
  4. What should everyone be watching?

    I recommend the Netflix Original "Stranger Things". The 80's are just like I remember them... only with less ... stranger things...
  5. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Oh goodness... a hundred pages? Well, it's definitely been more than a year.
  6. This is relevant to my interests. I haven't seen a lot of material though. A couple files at warpmymind that I guess got deleted or moved. For all the random fetishism over there, they have some members that are very hostile toward pregnancy.
  7. The analytical mind

    My brain does this. I attribute it to personality traits and my own special brand of crazy. Sushi's tips above are a good start. It's all about getting around the filter.
  8. Place to Learn Hypnosis?

    I didn't pick it up at this site, but I've found instructables to be a great starting spot for all kinds of crazy ideas I've had: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Hypnosis-Induction/ When I got started, the Internet wasn't really a "thing", I actually learned from a book I got in the mail along with a hypnosis tape on pain management. Mostly it's a matter of understanding how to test someone for susceptibility, and then getting them into a trance. From there it's just a matter of best practices, because for particularly susceptible individuals, you are literally speaking into their brain's programming interface. Best hope you know their language. You'd be surprised what a post-hypnotic suggestion can turn into. "Go back to where you came from" might mean to you "okay take three steps toward the back of the stage" and accidentally introduce a very life changing suggestion to your subject (true story). Anyway, learn well!
  9. How Did You Find Furmorphed

    Like usual googling for this interest or that interest. You find the darndest things when googling for hypnosis in combination with other words.
  10. Webcomics

    I've been staying up to date on http://twokinds.keenspot.com ... It's very entertaining. And then I re-read Ash's list and see it's already there. Oh well, not the first time I've looked silly.
  11. Hello

    Trouble is I never know what to say in these posts, so here it is. I'm random. Very random. I dig furs (duh), and think the human mind is possibly the best display technology in existence. Too bad my brain won't let me work it that way. Oh well. Hypnosis is an interest of mine, and so poof here I am. I'll try to stay out of the way.
  12. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    It's probably going to depend a lot on the listener and what they think of the presenter's voice. The files I have listened to around the 'web have been largely ineffective I suspect partially because I didn't like the way the hypnotist spoke, so I never really achieve an open interface.