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  1. Species?

    i am primarily wolf (with other various canines) and i prefer the look of foxes for mates.
  2. Anime & Manga

    mine goes: soul eater (this is a stranger one but has a perfect mixture of action, humor, and storyline) dragon ball z (its a classic nowadays evan though it was ruined by dragon ball gt and dragon ball evolution) the original pokemon (much like dbz it is a classic from my younger years that i still love to watch) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ soul eater youtube link........................
  3. How Far Away Are We?

    From a technological standpoint (forgetting ethics/how the research will be performed) a partial transformation at the very least could be possible within the next 10-15 years. this could happen with the use of titanium for the bone structure, vitro meat (out-of-body grown muscle tissue), emotion/basic thought sensor implants (primarily for tail manipulation), and artificial nerves that use fiber optics. The only part that i see a problem with full/partial fur is literally the fur. Now as far as ethics is concerned there are enogh people who become very wealthy so odds are that at least one will end up being a furry that wants a full tf above all else that would fund the research. sources: vitro meat.........................http://en.wikipedia....i/In_vitro_meat fiber optic nerves.............http://www.popsci.co...ce-bionic-limbs