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  1. ok. humans should exist but since this is an antro site people should not play as them they are gonna be npcs.
  2. i just have a concept that's why i ask for help that said how big should the limit be
  3. a creature called the "being" whom keeps spacetime intact died of "unknown" reasons. and there for the barrier between space and time shattered and all the world's fused into one. after that the humans (and any creature around the same level of intelligence) formed groups trying to combat monsters worse than what's ever been seen in hell rules you can't be related to the "being" and you are not allowed to have his powers unless it's something like a zoom spell or stop time for short periods of time but will cause extreme pain because the world is so unstable athro's of any race is accepted even hybrids limited to 4 different race's if you want more ask me and i may allow it(helper's are are allowed to have more) max 3 OCs per person