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  1. Hello. I'm Rai

    Well that gives us all a common interest then. Nice to meet you!
  2. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted: you did better in high school but the grade boundaries also shifted, leaving you worse off I wish i was a wolf
  3. Opinion on Tails

    That buying a tail thing is a great idea
  4. Species?

    Gotta be a Wolf for me
  5. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I'm re-playing oblivion. I have played through this game so many times and it never gets old. And it is so beautiful, especially with graphics mods.
  6. Games

    I'm not sue about the best game for furries, but in General I'd say my favourite 2 of all time are Quake 4 and TES : Oblivion. Though in oblivion you can play as an anthro lizard (argonian) or tiger (khajhiit).
  7. Hello. I'm Rai

    Hi everyone I just thought I would introduce myself so please say hi (I won't bite). I hope i meet lots of new people here with similar interests.
  8. Collars: Yay or Nay?

    I think you should go for it if you like the look. There are plenty of explanations to why other than what people may assume. If you like it you wear it; ignore what the others think
  9. What If?

    While I would enjoy this, I know many who wouldn't. That being said I do think we could adapt within a few months provided there were no mental effects
  10. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    I honestly don't know. It's just fun and feels good