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  1. Have you guys seen the news on xenotransplantation? All lights are green! Now we just wait patiently for the inevitable ^V^
  2. Howdy, partner! Good to see another curious mind at play! n.n best of luck
  3. My dudes! How's it hangin?
  4. 'Sup.
  5. Oh they would. It would start with marriage legalization. And then the whole country would get behind us Xeno's. Yes, it would be ery expensivw. Maybe it won't be? Who knows
  6. I think I can offer my experience I can tell you how different everything is. I've gone as far as I can and I think i'm satisfied with the results and my discovery's. This "tf" thing has helped me in more ways than I can count. It helped me with so much pain and turbulence. My pelt is.. soft, but it took me a long time to finally lock in the changes. Whatever I did with my brain- I see every change when I focus. There are still a few kinks, like seeing splotches of black or white sometimes when I blink. My paws are better than the human feet I'm fond of. Why? I couldn't tell you but, my posture seems to be corrected by the changes. My tail and hearing are a similar story. I can finally relax comfortably for trance and I feel the entire length of my tail easily. It just happened for me a few months ago. Lastly, it helped me regain awareness of my face and I don't lock my jaw at night and my jaw no longer sore everyday. I've regained some a better sense of hearing, smell, and taste. I have no further scientific evidence or explanation to support my claims, but I'll gladly take a brain scan if it helps anyone come to a better understanding of my claims. I do have an inkling of an idea why this worked for me. This is just about the experience, so there it is. So. That's my story, for what it's worth. It helped me find parts of myself that I haven't been able to focus on.
  7. Quick intro to xenotransplantation:
  8. Fortunately, you're hungrier
  9. Depends on the triggers. Personally, I find depth of trance/relaxing triggers with no direct effect on the psyche, to be most effective at/towards the end goal. For example; triggers which induce trance and relax the conscious mind are really great for getting into a file quickly and easily. However, files that directly rely on triggers to achieve their intended effect feel more difficult and strenuous to connect with. Triggers intended towards altering physical sensation are common. Similarly, triggers which instill personality traits like those of a certain animal are also common. They can be dangerous when implemented irresponsibly. To be more specific, it is ill advised to instill a trigger which causes an intense regression in mentality: baby-like mentality or worse- feral hallucinations which cause the person to become completely removed from reality can be quite dangerous. More commonly, attentiveness to one's senses and physical hallucinations of stimulus are usually fun when handled and triggered in safe environments and situations. I visualize my fursona when I'm not in stressful situations, relaxed, and calm. I don't drive and visualize. Specific times are more specifically the most ideal times to visualize and super-impose. Waking up is my favorite time to visualize. Going to bed is a good time to practice. There are other times and ways to practice and I'd be happy to discuss them via PM if you're interested. It also seems a good topic as visualization is a common practice for all practitioners of furry hypnosis. I think there's a thread around here somewhere dedicated to the point. These were all excellent questions! Don't apologize for asking. It's perfectly acceptable.
  10. I actually use SB and I highly recommend it. (A preference when you can't listen to anything.) The newest version has some features removed, so you might prefer to get a hold of the older versions of SB. Scripting your subliminal messages takes a few go's. I found myself sort of picking up on how to construct my messages. If you like, I can shoot you a copy a script I use. Personally, I love it when I'm playing games. It's a pain, though, because the messages are clickable. It does happen, every so often, that I'll click a message the instant I go to shoot a target that's in my sights, and a message pops up. SC mode is even worse. Windowed mode was a life saver on these occasions. The reason I like the older version, is because you can set the messages to pop up center screen, so they're quite hard to ignore, both consciously and subconsciously.
  11. Fortunately we can substitute the headcrab's for flour!
  12. pardon the minor interruption.

  13. Unfortunately, not in Russia, they don't.
  14. Unfortunately, the Landlords only accept Rupee's.
  15. new hypnosis goal?