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  1. Genetic TF is gathering pace here - we now have more than one programmer on the team! (we need about 20 to write the software)
  2. I actually quit hypnosis after 3 years of it because I was scared of succeeding. That fear held me back from properly visualising the effects, because I was worried that if I allowed myself to believe fully that I had already become an anthro red fox, I would lose the drive to do the job properly (through genetics). Which I am working on now and will be for years yet. So yeah I guess that isn't the answer you are looking for, but it was because I had seen the potency of the hypnosis files on those who did allow them to work fully, that I felt that way. I should point out that the files will do what you honestly expect and want them to do on a subconscious level. If you expect them to cause random TFs at the worst possible moments, i.e. because you are anxious, then that will be what they do. If you expect a permanent, always-on TF, you will get that - but you have to believe and hold on to the way you want it to be as a fact of your innermost self.
  3. ^this. You can believe in magic but with a healthy dose of scientific consideration - that none of the 'spells' you've heard of count as real things that actually happened until you see actual proof and are able to share that proof with us and anyone else who asks and has the ability to critically review it. Empiricism stands between magical thinking and commonly defined sanity.
  4. I'm pretty sure I had a thread about this way back. Some of you may remember An Atom of Freedom, which I finished writing and published on Lulu.com in 2012: https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1108140 Yep, it's still there, feel free to buy it or to ask me nicely for a PDF if you really can't afford to. Anyway, those of you who would like me to continue writing more of this saga, please consider contributing to my living expenses via Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/danfoxdavies
  5. Oh yeah, we have new people here too XD The description is right there if you follow the Lulu link but I'll go copy-paste it, hang on... "Great people go out and happen to the world, they say. When you have finally discovered something to dedicate your life to, a concept so multi-faceted as Freedom Of Form, and when said concept just happens to conveniently fit with your obsession with anthropomorphic animals, it helps to be just a little bit more organised and to think things through... Steven Dhai starts off by changing the course of evolution forever. But that's the least of his worries. Mature warning: contains drug gang violence (mild to medium), references to very nasty prior-to-story events involving sexual assault (but no direct descriptions of them), several other gritty things, strong language." Here's the blurb from my DeviantArt page (DSDFox): "Great people go out and happen to the world, they say. When you have finally discovered something to dedicate your life to, a concept so multi-faceted as Freedom Of Form, and when said concept just happens to conveniently fit with your obsession with anthropomorphic animals, it helps to be just a little bit more organised and to think things through... Steven Dhai starts off by changing the course of evolution forever. But that's the least of his worries. (I have now edited this story in line with suggestions made by a non-furry proof reader - as a result, it should make a little bit more sense) It's 187,548 words long. The first of a planned trilogy. Are you ready? Grab your modified trousers and digitigrade shoes and get in the Furmobile. You're in for something quite unlike any story you have ever read before. Disclaimer: that's not to say it's any good. You decide that. Mature warning: contains drug gang violence (mild to medium), references to very nasty prior-to-story events involving sexual assault (but no direct descriptions of them), several other gritty things, strong language. And if you see a McEgbert's lorry, don't forget to give it plenty of room and a friendly wave "
  6. So you're a therian
  7. http://aminoapps.com/p/l8k1jd Kyon is offering commissions at the moment, and says he's keen to try doing TF art. :-)
  8. I thought I'd pop this thread here to suggest the broadening of musical horizons via listening to a wider variety of musical instrument types. Here are some instruments that have interested me lately that you won't find in an average orchestra: The Hurdy Gurdy - look up anything by Guilhem Desq (on his solo career) or Arcane Alchemists (the band). The Zither - beautifully demonstrated in the film, 'Safety Not Guaranteed', alas the Youtube videos I have found of it so far are not a patch on either the performance in that film or the one I was lucky enough to attend at the Bournemouth Arts Festival. The Harmonium - if you take the New Adventures as canon (you should), The Doctor (Doctor Who) has played one at some stage. Interesting in its own way and popular in India. Floppy Disk Drives - See Youtube for the marvellous music of the stepper motors and sprung diskette casings. Dot Matrix Printers - Similar to above, but capable of printing some sort of pattern out at the same time. Louder and a distinct sound. Synthesia Black Music - Yo dawg, I heard you like musical notes. So I put notes in your notes so you can noise while you noise and oh god how does this still sound like music? (Youtube it) EDIT: Finally, some of you probably already know of this one, but it's always worth mentioning that a theramin was never eerie enough for Jean Michel Jarre, so he invented the Laser Harp. Building one yourself requires a computer case, power supply, powerful laser, mirrors, a smoke machine and asbestos gloves as well as careful aim and venue choices.
  9. Pro tip: don't expect a fursona chosen for sexual reasons to stick, as it is unlikely to be truly representative. I found this out after several months of lurking, and was told in summer 2008 that a horse fursona didn't suit me and I seemed more like a fox. It simply clicked and I have been an anthro red fox type ever since. It feels so integral to who I am now that it is hard to say if 'furry' or 'otherkin' is the more appropriate term for me. Maybe a little bit of each. I do not see my fursona choice changing any time soon. It should be noted that although I found foxes interesting and having a certain allure, as it were, it was not until 2008 that I considered myself in any way linked on that sort of level to being one. Yet looking back, there are aspects of my childhood that can be interpreted as being indicators of a furry self within. I think, however, that that is a retroactive filter placed on my memories by the strength of my current self-identity, and it is more accurate to say that either I chose to be a fox, or perhaps more romantically, it chose me, in 2008.
  10. When using a forum, it is generally considered good practise to post your questions in threads relevant to their topic. You may now need an admin or moderator to move your post to a tech questions section, where it is more likely to be seen by those who can answer it. And for the record, I haven't got much Android experience after version 4.1.
  11. Memory erasure as well as trickery into transformative hypnosis sounds like a recipe for deep psychological trauma to me. You're only going to cause long term repression to come flooding back painfully to the subject at some later date, probably after or even because they messed up their life for reasons related to either the transformation itself or reasons for it. Ergo, don't.
  12. Apologies for the very late reply, I have a pile of silly excuses and should still have checked this thread sooner. I will PM you some more info. Din's right about that. :-) Phantom limb feelings are easier to induce than visual hallucination.
  13. Two words: Open Source.
  14. I still maintain that surgery is a messy and foolhardy option that will (for the patient patient) be superseded by genetic transformation tech. We're still on course, science is advancing in the right direction faster than I even thought it would.
  15. Hence we take a medical approach. Tech that can edit genes and kick-start transformations can also properly (not pharmaceutically) cure cancer. The two use cases require the same capabilities.
  16. Everyone says that till they learn the leaps science has been making in the last decade or two. Textbooks are out of date. School courses and even some universities are out of date. Read the scientific papers the moment they come out, you'll be up to a year out of date. I have spent the last 7 years researching this and writing about it, first as science fiction and now for the science facts I have found. Saying it won't happen in the next fifty years is like being around in 1959 saying no-one will walk on the moon before 2009 at the earliest.
  17. Senoji, I have been here for six years and in all that time this question has not just simply been asked on here until you did. I have no idea why. I think it's because a lot of older stalwarts were around whom it felt like they would already know that seeing yourself as your fursona is what you really want and therefore it would be too obvious a question. But it's not. I tried using hypnosis and staring at myself, trying to bend my mind to see myself differently, for at least three years. I gave up because, although the vaguest tinglings of feeling a tail were there, although I could assure myself I had fur, claws, even a muzzle, what I never saw was a proper 1st person visualisation. Occasionally through tiredness and low light I'd think that maybe I could will it on myself, but it always felt like I was pathetically trying to kid myself into seeing myself as my fursona when nobody else would, hence I now pursue the genetic TF option. I want to give a big thank you to Kai Vulpini for that excellent explanation. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. HOWEVER: if you believe in your heart of hearts that the best course in life for you is to hypnotise yourself so that you see, feel, smell, hear, taste as your fursona, don't stop trying. It can work and it does for those lucky enough to get it just right. It's not about the MP3 files or who the hypnotist is or which website you come to to share your experiences, it's about you and how hard you will try and what you can do for you. THAT BEING SAID, with a little (read: a hell of a lot of) luck we will have the means to do furry transformations in 10 to 30 years, depending who you ask and how much science they know. If you are willing to wait it out for an only broadly specified period of time for a possible but not certain scientific means to change your whole body's cells en masse and make it grow into a new furry form, let me know and I'll get you on the list of interested folks. If you want something which MAY OR MAY NOT be more instant, depending on how your imagination works, how stressful your life is and what you put in your body, but which is not detectable per se to anyone else, go for the hypnosis. It's roughly equally likely to work out at the moment. Maybe in time we will better understand hypnosis too, so don't discount it. All options have their pros and cons. Some people even go for surgery, but given what happened to Stalking Cat, I'm not sure surgical techniques are quite there yet. They're darned good and a lot more real and tangible, however, but to my mind somehow messier. And that's just my opinion, so take it with as much or as little salt as you like.
  18. Hello, As outlined here: http://heartbleed.com/ (yes, it's so bad they registered a TLD for it) There is a very serious vulnerability in OpenSSL which allows circumvention of secure password authentication or any other encryption reliant on OpenSSL by taking advantage of how RAM is read. Please, if this site uses OpenSSL in anything at all, update to a version >=1.0.1g (most systems) or >=1.0.1e(with patch)(for Fedora and other RPM based systems). Please also inform the forum users when this update takes place and that it will require new passwords, reboot the affected servers (yes it's necessary to ensure the fix is fully applied) and reset all passwords. Finally, my apologies if this has already been dealt with or mentioned, I have checked over the threads that have been posted in the forum admin and requests sections within the relevant timeframe and can't find anything else to do with it.
  19. Thanks for clearing that up, then :-) - nevertheless, passwords ought to be updated if they bear even a resemblance to passwords used on systems which have been compromised by this, just in case... (take the opportunity to switch to a more secure password).
  20. Care to join me at www.vulpinedesigns.co.uk ? :-)
  21. Actually, the term 'genetic' is used in this case to infer that the changes made would be caused by a rewrite and jumpstart of the DNA in every cell. The rewrite would involve editing the code to make it tell the body its cells and tissues ought to be arranged as and in the shape and colour and using the proteins required for being an anthro furry. The jumpstart would be a way of telling all the cells simultaneously to replace themselves or to otherwise find a way of expressing the new genes en masse. The effect of which ought to in theory be a transformation achieved through the body growing and changing itself into a furry, rather than requiring much if any surgery. This can even be true of changes to bones, there are enzymes that revert bone to its softer growth state, which could also be used for shrinking it where applicable. The body is very malleable, but who better to have reshape it than those who built it - the molecules of DNA and proteins it encodes. This would require a clever computer system that can simulate the whole body so that changes can be determined in advance before being applied by a vector. Yes, it's a tall order. But it's feasible.
  22. To be uncharacteristically foreboding, and quote Jafar from Aladdin, "You'd be surprised what you can live through!" - However, Jafar meant it as 'you'd be surprised what tortures you will withstand without dying even if you want to die' whereas I'm inverting its point here to mean, a person determined enough to stay alive, provided their body doesn't lose its vital systems for long enough to force death, will survive longer through crazily difficult stuff. You have to have a strong belief in yourself and in your dreams and end goals. That combined with the very best efforts to learn, perfect, simulate and write large all that genetic and biological sciences can offer, will see full genetic-based anthro furry TF within 50 years without any messy surgery, mark my words. The more people put time and effort in, the better the chances of success and the faster it will happen.
  23. Oh hai :-) Yeah, pretty much the same for me, though I seem to recall I sort of went via Choose Your Own Change and WarpMyMind (cursed be that place), also UKFur and Furaffinity. I was weird in that I became sure of my furriness to the point of exploring hypnosis oddly quickly after joining the fandom, and yet I did not have it as just a passing fad, unlike so many misguided souls I have seen round here.
  24. I am a firm believer in being anthro, not just for practical reasons but because I believe there is a place for the anthro furry outright to be found in this world, between human and feral but always slightly closer to animal than human, whilst being perfectly capable of functioning in a human-style civilised society (but hopefully with a hell of a lot less in-fighting). The anthro shape has a beauty of its own. I like how the feral version of me looks too (heck, I like how the human version of me looks), but anthro red fox is definitely what I am and want to be.
  25. This topic seems to have broken the forum. It always shows up as newly posted in even after it's been read umpteen times with no new posts...