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    Yes well, anything that you want to do to your mind that requires such a violent analogy to describe, requires a lot of analysis and debate to establish the sanity and reasoning behind.
  2. Favorite TF/Furry artist?

    I got this avatar from ShadowFox014 on DeviantArt and FA. Not sure if he is still active.
  3. Astral projection hypnosis

    Astral projection is not typically something that needs hypnosis so much as practise, from what I can gather. It's kid of a different state of mind to trance. It's also not very scientifically verifiable. Yet.

    The 'wrecking ball' is not an approach any of us here can condone, and you know it. _____________________________ Anyway, Let me warn you straight-up: if you listen to files from dubious sites which don't come with accurate descriptions of their contents, the risks are as bad as you can imagine, if you let the suggestions work on you. Furmorphed strives to have files with decent descriptions of their contents and without anything too debilitating in them. If you are listening to files from here and sticking to ONE TYPE OF TF INTO ONE SPECIES AT A TIME, you will be fine. From my 9 years of experience here, I can advise you: Don't do the companion files unless you know what you are doing and you WANT permanent multiple personalities. Don't install triggers that just anyone can trigger. Stick to them being your own and only triggerable by others when YOU want them to. Permanent TFs are the most stable, but can be harder to install for some people and come with risks of detachment from reality if not very well worded. Personalised files work better than generic for most people. Face to face sessions work better yet. Some people on the internet, particularly those interested in hypnosis, can be Damn Weird. Here be dragons and other exotic creatures and messes. Do NOT listen to more than one type of transformation at a time. If you really must change fursona, either use a SHAPESHIFTER file or use Deprogram All between sessions. Deprogram All is like bleach, it might scrub you clean of suggestions but it can have damaging effects itself too.
  5. Therians?????

    I used the word 'or' behind the word 'fictional' to say that I was under the impression 'fictionkin' were included as well as those who do not consider their species fictional. I did not intend to be read as meaning that all otherkin species were fictional, far from it.
  6. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    Yeah, that's the average untrained lucid dreaming level of experience.
  7. Getting through to my subconscious mind

    You do not need to scorch it out or cause yourself mental harm. You just need to make the conditions right and your subconscious will free itself up from the tangle it's in.
  8. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    I think the use of lucid dreaming should be considered here. Talk to the people on here about it. I'll also put you in touch with another who knows about it elsewhere.
  9. Getting through to my subconscious mind

    Trance does not mean becoming unaware or falling asleep, even only in the mind. It is about moving your awareness to a different focus, a different frequency. You are supposed to know about and remember what is going on in trance, this is not anaesthesia. Thoughts surfacing is normal, the trick in meditation is to let them surface but to pay attention to the silence behind them instead. It is also, in trance, to occupy your mind with disengaging your muscles and unwinding tension. A good hypnotist will give such instructions in their trance induction. Don't worry about trying to get /into/ your subconscious, that's not the objective. Rather, let it do its thing as you listen to the hypnosis file. Your subconscious will know what to do. It doesn't need breaking into. My advice is to listen to some practise trance inductions which have no actual transformations or other suggestions to install aside from making trance easier.
  10. Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Wish granted. Now the website's been quiet for months and you've not been blocked by anyone. But nobody's saying much at all. I wish that my comfy old pair of boots didn't have holes in their soles from being worn out.
  11. How Far Away Are We?

    I'd say the need is in the need to diversify our genetics before some naturally selecting events or other happen to us and wipe out the relatively monocultural 7.5 billion sentient beings on the planet who class as humans. It's important to adapt ourselves to the challenges we may face from scarcity of resources, climate change, the impacts of war, space exploration and colonising new worlds. Fur is advantageous to people living on Mars, for example - it's very cold there, so we need to consider how much energy it takes to warm up habitats there.
  12. Mixotic

    Hello, I'm posting a LOTW to fill the eerily quiet void with some netlabel music - that is, music made for free, to be downloaded, played or streamed for free, by anyone. http://www.mixotic.net/free-dj-sets/mixes/12/entactogen-organic Mixotic is a rather good example to use, and this particular link is to their 12th DJ set out of hundreds, because that's how far I've got this week listening from the 1st one. It's good background music, sometimes weird. Enjoy...
  13. Looking after The Link of the Week

    Does it matter what kind of link the LOTW is?
  14. Coming at you with the PKfreeze!

    Please remember that these files can mess with your head if you try to be too many different species.
  15. Greetings everyone

    Welcome to Furmorphed, mind your tail as the door closes behind you. ;-)