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  1. Safe hypnosis

    First off, given one of your other posts, you'd probably want to first deprogram existing suggestions that may cause issues further down the line. After that, before you let a person hypnotise you, talk to them a bit, get to know them, and ask other people about them as a hypnotist. Establish clear and firm boundaries with the hypnotist, what is and is not ok to do, and remember when going in that you can bring yourself out if you need to. The main thing is to know the person hypnotising you and having some level of trust for them.
  2. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum :3 Regarding bumping old threads, if you have something you want to say on a topic, feel free to bump an older thread. As long as it's more than just a couple of words, it's fine by us :3
  3. How do I get someone to fix me if they cause hypnotic harm? :o

    1. Amaroq Starwind

      Amaroq Starwind

      You should probably go to another hypnotist and yet yourself deprogrammed, and set out a warning against the one who caused you harm so that others know to stay away.

    2. Sabre


      Sorry it took me a while to see this, but yeah, Amaroq is pretty spot-on. If someone causes hypnotic harm accidentally, then tell them outright what's going on and talk with them about a solution. If there's reason to suspect they've done it deliberately or maliciously, then please feel free to contact me on here by PM (or other staff here, of course), or come by the Discord server and talk to us there about it. 

  4. Retro Gaming?

    I think I can get away with an update on my setup for this, at least <,.,< along with the N64 of my last post, I have a SNES and Gamecube set up on the same CRT monitor, and a stock Amiga 1200 :3 which can be swapped out for an Atari 1040 STe. I've reached the point where I'm looking at RGB mods for the SNES and N64 and just flat-out building an RGB switcher box. I may have gone a little overboard since May of last year :3
  5. College anyone?

    I blame university for my silence here these last few months >.< I've just wrapped up my first year of study in Creative Arts/Broadcast Media. Next year I get access to the radio studio and TV studio~ Fun and frantically busy times ahead.
  6. Closet furry

    I've always thought of liking furry stuff and being part of the fandom as being pretty similar to being part of any given anime fandom. Your family probably doesn't need to know unless you plan on going to a convention or a furmeet, and if your friends would leave you over an equivalent to being into anime...then frankly you need better friends who actually like you for who you are. If people do start calling you a furry, just be casual about it :3 if you don't make a big deal out of it, most others won't make a big deal out of it either. As for fursonas, you don't need one, but if you want one then go for it :3 A fursona doesn't necessarily have to be an animal you see yourself as; a lot of furries just pick an animal they like to use as an online avatar, some use characters they write in stories, and so on.
  7. How does text hypnosis work?

    This is an area I'm pretty familiar with. Generally, text hypnosis will work by having you focus on the words shown before you, with the goal being to have you focus like you would if you were getting lost in a good book. I've never been very fond of text hypnosis that requires you to click through though. Some things I've seen work for some people are typing short, one-word responses, or just watching a stream of text without having to click through :3 If you're used to spoken hypnosis, or you just find it works better, I'd suggest going for that where possible. Otherwise, just make sure the hypnotist knows to do a session that doesn't require you to reply.
  8. hypno search

    Or you could ask here anyway, we'll get back to you eventually :3 and to answer your question, I know of a couple of files like that, but all of the ones I know of use a spoken trigger to reward or punish you. This might be something I'll work on if a way to make it particularly fun strikes me :3
  9. Place to Learn Hypnosis?

    I've been asked a few times if I could teach someone how to hypnotise. I've never actually taught someone, but I've encouraged everyone who's asked to do a little bit of psychology study, even just on your own time, listen to files both good and bad in quality and listen for what makes them work, experiment and importantly, enjoy yourself while you're doing it :3 Any resources I find that're particularly good as a 'how to' on hypnosis, I'll put in a topic for such resources :3 and if you ever want any help with the audio side of things, feel free to poke me and I'll see what I can help with~
  10. Hypno site

    I don't think comparing the two is at all fair. WMM is a large scale forum with thousands of files, we're a small community of people interested in a common thing :3 so to say one is better than the other is a bit silly, I'd say. Of course, I way prefer it here :3 it all feels a lot more...personal, friendly, something along those lines.
  11. Unfortunately, we’re having to close down the Blog system at rather short notice. The system will be closed completely after Saturday the 5th of March. Before this happens, however, we want to ensure that users have a way of keeping a copy of their blog posts. As there is no export option in IP.Blog, this means you will need to save a copy manually. There are two main ways of doing this. The first is to print the page as a PDF - simply print as normal, but when selecting the target printer, choose “Print to File,” select the type of file and follow the on-screen instructions (Note: I haven’t used Windows properly in ages now >.< if this bit is incorrect, please correct me on it :3) The second is to use an addon to screenshot an entire webpage as a single, long image. I personally use Nimbus Screenshot, which can be found for Firefox here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nimbus-screenshot/?src=search and for Chrome here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nimbus-screenshot-and-scr/bpconcjcammlapcogcnnelfmaeghhagj?hl=en Both have information on how to use them in their descriptions. There are also many other good alternatives and you are encouraged to look for yourselves at descriptions and information of relevant plugins for your browser of choice. We will be looking at potentially reintroducing a 'blog threads' forum area instead of the dedicated blog system, if there's demand for it. Apologies for the window to back up your blog being as short as it is.
  12. Favorite files

    I totally have no bias at all here ^.~ if it weren't my own voice, I'd probably actually listen to my file(s). Besides those, though, I'm rather fond of ViVE's work, the production value is decently high and I kinda really like German accents :3 I also don't mind UltraHypnosis on YouTube, and I've a local friend who's looked at recording a file or two as well. I could see hers being pretty good~
  13. Multiple Limbs?

    Something that might help there could be to just generally observe animals with that kind of tail to get an idea of how they move and behave normally :3 since it's a new kind of limb, you might also just need time to learn how to move it and what you can do with it. I've never experimented with more than stuff like tails, pawpaws, claws, ears and muzzles, myself, and likely won't - wrapping my head around what a muzzle would look and feel like if it were my face was more difficult than it probably should've been >,.,>
  14. Hi & help! :)

    Welcome :3 it's always interesting to hear where people find the site, I hope you enjoy it here :3 As for where the rules and information can be found, the FurMorphed Agreement you agreed to when you registered had all of that information. We're looking at making alterations, but until then the current one applies. A shorter version with a bit less detail can be found at http://furmorphed.com/index.php?/guidelines/ for the time being :3
  15. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    It's quite ok~ helping out with this is part of what we're here for :3 To get decent practice, I'd say try a few inductions to find a style that works well for you, even if there's not much else to the file overall :3 and for how often to repeat files, it's mostly what works best for you. Generally I like to have a little gap between sessions unless I've written part of the ending to move straight into another induction. It can't hurt to try files back to back sometimes and daily/twice daily other times and see which works best :3