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  1. Hello, I'm Shadowterm

    OK, you get one cuddle, and perhaps more later.
  2. Hello, I'm Shadowterm

    I wonder what can be done to make this board a bit more lively, if you try to hit your 10 posts with real posts, it can really take a long time. (This should be 10 for me!) Well, I'll just post stuff and see. It's definitely an interesting subject and I kind of want to talk nitty gritty.
  3. I got linked to this video by CGP Grey, which discusses and demonstrates behavior that has been seen in split brain patients. The application to hypnosis is that the left brain is generally the part of the brain you use for speaking, to the point the right brain cannot speak at all. I've heard varying accounts on how universal this is. I'm not sure if that includes "speaking" in your head, which I've also heard is actually you subvocalizing, making the moments to speak, but so slowly and softly no sound comes out. This seems to me what many hypnotists seem to signify as the difference between the conscious and subconscious. Where the conscious is engaged in rationality while the subconscious just accepts. However, note how the left brain is used in confabulation, where we attempt to explain behavior. Additionally, most of us are probably NOT split brain in the extreme way these patients are, so the right brain could actually be just as involved in reality checking as the left. This has interesting implications for hypnotic suggestion, especially for the type of reality hacking that meets furry suggestions. On one hand, you definitely need to get the left brain a bit out of it for a while, but you really need to convince the right brain too! Suppose you get the left to accept a rationalization like "Of course I have a tail, I've always had one." If the right can notice visually that you don't, then it could disprove that rationalization, by talking to the left. And vice-versa!Any way, I'm not sure how exactly to use this information for hypnotic purposes, but it does have me thinking. The right brain also does not process spoken language, but does process written language. It makes me wonder about a combined textual-audio induction. I actually played a bit of this cool game called Codename Cygnus, which is a choose your own adventure game, but that can be played just by listening and responding to questions using voice recognition. Anyway, any thoughts?
  4. Stay In Trance?

    I have extreme trouble focusing, I have ADHD too (or at least I have an Adderall prescription). I'm still pretty good at entering trance, though. The big thing that keeps me from falling asleep is that I am very much a side-sleeper, and I don't seem to be able to fall asleep on my back. So by staying in my back, I enter trance rather than fall asleep. I was even trying to provoke lucid dreaming by staying on my back, and I've spent up to two hours trying, but never successfully falling asleep, before I gave up and rolled on my side. I actually have a lot of trouble falling asleep when I'm supposed to. :/ However, being not-tired is really the big thing, as is avoiding the associations your mind has with sleeping. Try sitting in a comfy chair or up in your bed instead of lying in it. I think with focus, you need to really practice it, and I have through quite a few years of hypnosis and meditation, but I'm still not perfect. I was exposed to the idea that for practice purposes, you just need to do it. Focusing on your breathing is a great place to start, I think. Don't try to stop your mind from wandering, just redirect it if it does and you catch it. Eventually, it will wander less.
  5. Dream Stories

    It's particularly hard to control dreams, I think a lot of it has to do with you maintaining some degree of separation from you controlling the dream world. I'm working through a book on neuroscience, yogic beliefs, and dreaming that has a section on lucid dreaming, so maybe I'll figure something out. I actually bought a contoured sleep mask that allows me to have my eyes open but block all light, and I actually caught my hypnopompic visions waking up, which I usually don't. Might also be helpful for hypnosis. But for a dream, I am a programmer, and I once was having restless sleep trying to figure out a bug in my own brain. Once I figured it out, I immediately fell into restful sleep.
  6. Dream Stories

    The first time I managed to have a lucid dream was in college. Basically, there was some mundane dream going on in my dorm, when I realized I was dreaming. I excitedly told my friends but they were not too interested. I showed them how cool it was by turning some stairs into a slide and sliding down it. I landed in a normal seeming hallway with rooms and started walking down happily wondering what to do next. An albino version of myself walked out and punched me, telling me to stop messing with the dream. I woke up soon after. What a jerk! It's actually seriously still hard for me to catch myself dreaming, and I usually wake up if I do.
  7. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    In my experience, a road trip may not always be the best place to try out hypnosis. I'm going to assume that you were not driving, because if you are, don't! Driving takes up a lot more cognitive function than most people realize. Anything that is overly distracting is unsafe to listen to while driving. Even music, radio/podcast programs, audio books, or hands-free phone conversations can lead to a slower reaction time or you missing something. Talking in person is less bad usually because the other person is looking at the road too. Obviously, if there's not much traffic and you're very lucid, you can get away with it, but if it comes between paying attention to the road or the radio, turn off the radio. Hypnosis requires a bit more attention than the other things I mentioned. Even though it's not sleep, the idea response to hypnosis is often a state of relaxation like sleep, so it's not something you want while driving. Kind of ironic, because a common explanation of trance is the feeling that you get as you are driving on familiar or boring roads and end up on autopilot (this also can be dangerous!). This is true, but the ... subconscious memory state (?) ... that you're trying to hit with trance involves relaxing and releasing your attention of the world, which doesn't go well with driving. If you're not driving, then that implies other people are, and then it becomes a problem of if you can relax around those other people. If you can, and they don't mind you being a little spaced out, cool! But remember that as social animals, we humans () often are performing a lot of social cognition around others, judging their mood and the social acceptability of actions, and so on. This cognition is ultimately what is so draining to introverts and is supposed to be the cause of much of the anxiety of autistic people. This can distract from the sort of intense focus and relaxation that hypnosis may require. I've generally found that repeating a file multiple times will exercise the neural pathways that you want... if you don't get bored of the file or start picking it apart or things like that. And that is very likely. This is a thing that can be great about files with multiple layers, you often find new sounds you missed the first times. The other problem I can see is that to get some real after effects, you likely need to begin integrating the imaginative hypnotic state into the waking state, and a file is not really going to do that part of it. Whew! Sorry, I'm quite wordy! I'm not an expert, though, so responses correcting me or providing a different perspective are always welcome!
  8. Hello, I'm Chimerror!

    Hi, I'm Chimerror (I usually KIM-error, like how I pronounce chimera), and I am a weirdo panther! :3 I've been messing around with hypnosis and other psychonautery for a while, and it's easily most interesting to me when it involves furry stuff. I've always thought it could be interesting to learn to write scripts myself, and providing a way for the shyer of us (such as me!) to get some of the benefit of live hypnosis without the anxiety that often comes to talking to people socially. I'm also particularly interested in possibly using VR and personal EEGs like MindWave to bring science to bear on this. So yeah, let's get hypnotized! @_@ (If you want to, of course...)