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  1. Closet furry

    I guess I'm kind of a "closet" fur too. None of my friends or family know, but I doubt they would care if they found out. The way I see it, being a furry shouldn't be equated to being gay in the sense that you need to "come out" to everyone. It's just something you're interested in. If someone asks, it can be an interesting conversation starter, but I generally don't bring my furry-ness into other parts of my life. Like Sabre said, if you don't make a big deal out of it, others won't either. And as for finding out if someone else is a furry, I guess the only way to know for sure is to ask them, which might understandably be awkward. I suppose some people might make it more obvious by wearing tails or ears, or drawing anthros and the like, but there aren't many other specific signs. If you're desperate to talk to more furries, forums like these are great places to meet new people!
  2. How Far Away Are We?

    Perhaps this won't be physically possible within our lifetimes, but I'm fairly certain that VR will take off and get to a point where it would be almost as good, which could even happen within the next ten or twenty years.
  3. Animal TF art

    e926 is a SFW version of e621, if that's any help.
  4. List Of Games

    I personally love horror games, stuff like Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Outlast, and Alien: Isolation are always good. SOMA is another awesome game that came out not too long ago. Also, I've played a couple innovative indie titles recently including SuperHot, the Stanley Parable, the Talos Principle, and Nevermind. All pretty short, but memorable and thought-provoking games.
  5. An Itch In Trance

    This actually happens to me a lot, but I can usually push past it. Noticing it shouldn't take you out of trance, but I'd say that if it's just too distracting, scratch it and restart the file.
  6. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Well, I've always felt completely in control during hypnosis. If there's a suggestion I don't like, I just say "no", and it doesn't have an effect. Also, I'd assume that if you repeatedly listen to a hypnosis file, you want it to affect you. If you didn't you wouldn't listen to it, right?
  7. subliminal blaster

    I've had success to some degree listening to audio subliminals before, but I've never tried visual subliminals. Sounds convenient.
  8. Favorite files

    I know Jacqueline Powers does some good stuff too, if you prefer a female voice. Pretty similar to UltraHypnosis.
  9. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of text to speech. Depends on the voice or the script. I can stomach it sometimes, but it's usually too distracting.