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  1. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    I've got a jar of dirt...
  2. Trying to give moderators their proper permissions on the FurMorphed Steam group. Let me know if you have a Steam account so I can throw you up as one.

  3. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    So, anyone playing the official Doctor Who browser game, Worlds in Time? According to Eleven, Time's broken into a gazillion shards. And now plastic's trying to eat me! It's a puzzle-based game and apparently there's multiplayer interaction, but I don't think it's for me. Give it a shot if you're intrigued! http://www.doctorwhowit.com
  4. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    There's a reason I didn't post a glowing review immediately after watching. It was a good 'Christmas special', but it wasn't a great 'Doctor Who Christmas Special'.
  5. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    It's not a spoiler since it's not part of the episode. More of a teaser/commercial, really. I'm on the edge of my seat! You really can't help but love all the Christmas stuff that comes out for Doctor Who. Everything takes a step up across the franchise. Take this year's IDW comic, Silent Knight: Yes, those are Roboforms. Yes, they're stealing the real Santa's sack. Yes, one of them is petting Rudolph. I'd like it to be made into an episode, but they prefer to make modern specials with big stories. Plus, live-action Matt Smith might explode without any dialogue.
  6. If I didn't know any better from your recent posts, I'd say you were in a coffee oriented mood as of this posting.

  7. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    To be fair, this is a world where the surfaces make everything (mostly gravity) work differently. There's a great chase scene where the Doctor figures this out and runs up a wall.
  8. The Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    Doc? Now that you're into Portal, I thought you might like this page from this summer's DW Annual. No, it's not any less random in context.
  9. lol when main character has to be his reverse and when that chick is there at the music store..

  10. GO! TO! DMC! Just waiting for Vol. 10 to come out officially and I'll have the entire manga series :3

  11. XD i love Detroit metal city

  12. This is your singing telegram

    I hope it finds you well

    We're throwing you a party

    'cause we think you're really swell

    You're turning 27

    So help us celebrate

    The cake will be delicious

    The festivities first-rate

    There will be games and dancing

    Bob for apples, cut a rug

    And when the party's over