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  1. An Itch In Trance

    I get this too although typically only during early stages. Later on I just ignore
  2. Heat Management

    Do you feel you have a fast heartbeat? Do you wrap up?
  3. Trying something

    Yeah sometimes I womder if interacting breaks trance
  4. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Human voice. TTS is hard to do well, you need to get a good one that doesnt mispronounce or use a cold harsh tone
  5. Favorite files

    Not here but honestly I like some of the esuccubus and wmm files. I'm just interestes in variety tho. I prefer the female narrated files but they are so vanilla. Edit: When I said not here, I meant I havent seen the files here yet.
  6. What should everyone be watching?

    Mr Robot is pretty cool. He is intense though...