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  1. Hello Hello

    OOO, I'm ready to get started with the half demon tf. Just waiting for the unlock now!
  2. An Itch In Trance

    Every once and awhile I'll get an itch, but usually ignoring it lets it go away.
  3. Favorite files

    cool, I know of wmm, but haven't heard of esuccubus.
  4. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    Sometimes the non human voices can be good, but you really need to modify the text to make it sound more human.
  5. Hi all!

    Cool, I'm new too! Welcome!
  6. I was just wanting to know what are some of your favorite hypnosis files or hypnotist on here or on the internet. I still haven't unlocked the download page, but my favorite hypnotist has to be the guy who does UltimateHypnosis on youtube.
  7. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I've been playing world of tanks lately. Also, on occasion I've been playing a modded out star wars battlefront 2; its the sindig!
  8. Hello people of FurMorphed

    Hello and welcome, I'm also new here and wish you luck!
  9. Hello Hello

    Awesome, thanks for the hello!
  10. Hi & help! :)

    Welcome! Also thank you guys for the links!
  11. Hello Hello

    Hello everybody! Thanks for adding me to the website! To be honest, I am not a furry; though I wouldn't mind having the senses and strengths of certain animals, but overall I'm not really into that type of transformation. I am mainly aimed at becoming a half demon like Inuyasha or Nurarihyon, from their respected shows. I've had so much trouble trying to find such a file on the internet, seems like most are demonic possession types which does not sound like a good time. I don't know why someone would want to be possessed, that just sounds like hell.... pun intended. Looking around however I found on wmm a file much like I wanted, but it had been removed. However, the creator had a link to this site and I'm hoping to find out if it's still here; saw on a previous forum that it looks like it is. I also want to find out what other types of files you guys have here. Anyways thanks again for having me, and good luck to all of you with your transformations!