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  1. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    I've seen some good text-to-speech files in my digging around, but although they do their job for the most part, human voices are better in most cases.
  2. Hello people of FurMorphed

    Hey there! I'm Veilous, an individual who's pretty interested in hypnosis in general. I already have some experience with hypnosis, and am interested in learning more on the subject, as well as maybe writing my own files (eventually). Here's to hoping that we all get along! One last thing worth noting: I'm not a very social person and am kind of hoping to use the ten post requirement for files as an excuse to hopefully improve on that front, so expect potentially short and awkward posts that take an hour a piece to write (I'm pretty sure it took me half an hour just to write this... yeah that bodes well...). Hopefully that warning was sufficient. That mess of a snippet aside, I overall hope learn what I can about hypnosis, meet some new people, and hopefully get results with at least something. Thanks in advance for any advice or knowledge I end receiving, and I hope everyone has a nice day!