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    Hi All! I've been oriented towards transformation (in many, many forms) nearly my whole life, but only relatively recently discovered hypnosis as a vehicle to achieve what I had previously written off as impossible. I discovered this site purely on accident, reading a random forum posting over on WarpMyMind. I'm really excited and intrigued that there might be additional files here I haven't explored on WarpMyMind that might help me along my own transformation journey of sorts. Is there a link somewhere that explains the rules/requirements for browsing the file downloads? Now that my account has been activated, the 'downloads' link above still makes it appear as though there are no downloads. Assuming they exist but are just hidden - there doesn't appear to be a way to browse to see if the downloads that exist here are what I'm looking for. I'm probably missing something really obvious, but hey, I'm a jock. ;) Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!