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  1. Jessica Jones, Daredevil. Yep, that's all you need
  2. Wish granted, but it's been converted to run on Propane. I wish I could teleport anywhere in the world.
  3. I'd seen the Floppy Disks and Dot Matrix Printers ones on youtube before, but some of these are new! Thanks!
  4. I'd heard of TransFur, but not SoFurry - Thanks!
  5. Hi!

    That's about it.
  6. The whole suite of blizzard games! Diablo 3 season 5 just started, had a blast in s4, and will be rocking again. And since the LCS is starting up again this week, prob will do some random League.
  7. Ditto, would also like to know people's favorites! There are quite a few in there!
  8. Can confirm, his files work! Good fun. =)
  9. Thanks for the links! I was looking for that exact info