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  1. Headphones?????

    Personalty I prefer to do hypnosis with noise canceling head phones, it makes for less distractions.
  2. Thank you, I've already played around with some of the female transformations on YouTube and the only few I've found on here but I have yet to try Binural beats. Also, where did it say that I was under 18? (Sorry, I made my account at the end of 2015 which means i was 16 at that time but as of last march I'm now 18.)
  3. As a trans woman I was looking for female furry transformations and so far the closest thing I've found is the "Tree of Self - female" file and this got me thinking; is there any other Trans folk out there that try to use Hypnosis as a temporary cure from or at least to help with dysphoria? Also if anyone knows of any good female furry transformations out there please send them my way!
  4. Theory: What is hypnotism

    Ive herd that its like the state of shock; like when something super traumatic happens and someone is guiding you and telling you what to do you just follow it without thought, I guess that could explain how rapid induction works.
  5. questions:

    you ask about doing this as you sleep but Ive heard (cant remember where though) its best to do this in the mornings after you wake up from a good rest as your at your most relaxed.

    Hypnosis only works if you let it, just know when the time for it is and you should be fine; like drinking.