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    Entertainment and Humanitarian Efforts, Camping, Hunting, Sailing, Flying, Building.
  1. How Far Away Are We?

    Well honestly, by torture, I mean loud music, cold shower, things that create discomfort but don't actually do damage.
  2. How Far Away Are We?

    Be careful what you wish for. -grins evilly- One of the projects requires being tortured under an EEG to study brain pathways.
  3. How Far Away Are We?

    As I said in the other thread: I'll be looking for investments, and volunteers soon.
  4. I am looking for 200k in funding. Once I have it I will begin my RL Transformation Projects.

  5. You do Chip tunes? Ever consider having some published?

  6. i may be able to help, give me your email and i can refer you to someone who may want advertisements.. as for the tail or projects... dunno o~o you can ask her yourself

  7. Boredom Kills, so does Excitement though. Still I think I would prefer Excitement to my current Boredom.

  8. Thanks for the birthday wish.

  9. Hey, happy birthday man!

  10. I had no power at my house till this past hour,