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  1. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Don't worry, I wasn't driving, just riding in the back, listening to files under the guise that I was taking a nap. I don't think I was too distracted by other people in the car, but it's quite likely that they, as well as noises outside and speed changes and turns, kept me from focusing completely. And it's good to hear repetition with files can help, at least with starting out. I'm hoping to work on getting some results soon, so I'll make sure to give that a try. Integration of hypnotic and waking states sounds difficult though, and I guess I'll have to handle that problem when I get to it. Thank you so much for the help!
  2. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    So on a long road trip today, I tried the following file twice: Not so sure of the quality or whether or not I'm making progress, but I think I might be getting used to getting into trance. Also tried this out of curiosity, again no luck Is it helpful to try a file several times in one day?
  3. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Thanks for all the help, everyone, and sorry for my inactivity. I've been really busy lately and too nervous to try hypnosis :/
  4. A fennec enters

    Welcome! Doesn't seem like there are any that are for fennecs specifically, but I'm new as well, and you'll most likely find something by asking around. Good luck!
  5. Recreational Mathematics

    I see them as hybrid problems. Through my experience, they typically require math to figure out how to solve them, but are just too large for a person to solve on their own, requiring a computer. I normally get stuck on the first part, but when I figure that out, trying to teach a computer to do my processes efficiently is always an interesting challenge.
  6. Recreational Mathematics

    I find that the problems on Project Euler are pretty varied and interesting, especially for programming practice. Then again, they all make me feel pretty dumb when I struggle =P
  7. Turned 18 Today

    Happy birthday! It's good to know that becoming an adult doesn't feel any different, I'll have to go through that in a bit over 5 months, haha :3
  8. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Also, what's the Bubble Induction? I think I've heard about it here before but I never quite got what it was.
  9. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Thank you so much, that book looks like it's really going to help me out. And I think as of today I've been on here for a week, so I should be able to access the downloads soon, right? If I do get access to them, should I try some files or wait until I get more experience?
  10. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Thanks, I'll be sure to check out the IRC from time to time. I think I found it, is it hosted by furnet? Maybe I was just misunderstanding some parts of Star Crusher's blog. I've been using his blog as a main reference for my goals in TFing and hypnosis, which is probably a bit too ambitious to start with. I'm just glad to see that this could be taken to that far of an extent, and hopefully I'll near that someday. :D EDIT: I'm just now realizing how quickly I switched from being terrified of hypnosis to... this.
  11. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Ok, I guess having to wait a few days before I can access downloads (7 days total?) gives me some time to experiment with pacing and methods :3. Also, much further along in the process, isn't there a point where files stop being useful and you can/have to trigger effects yourself? I think I remember seeing something like that in one of the blogs of someone here, but I'm just trying to clear it up for myself x3
  12. Therians?????

    I suppose I loosely fit into that; never really thought about it too much though. Time for more introspection, I suppose :3
  13. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    So would trying a variety of files be good experience and practice for getting into trance? And I get what you mean about being alert, I think I might have fallen asleep during a minute or so of my last session. =P Does it matter how often I would repeat a file? (daily vs. back-to-back attempts) Thanks! :3 EDIT: Sorry if these are a lot of really basic questions, just trying to get familiar with what I'm getting myself into, hehe :3
  14. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Oh ok, I wasn't sure if using the same file would help me feel the effects or if trying several different files would cause each one to work less and less. I guess I was afraid the effects would get mixed up or something, I don't know.
  15. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    Just in case this is relevant, here's the link to the file I used for my first attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0UMNtkS-cM. I have no idea what quality file that is, so that may have impacted my results. I used it last night around 2AM, hoping being more tired would affect the results. Oddly enough, the second attempt produced less pronounced results even though my first attempt was interrupted twice. Not to be impatient, but should I keep trying to use this file until it works (even though I'd probably rather go for an anthro fox tf) for practice or wait until I can access the downloads here? (10 posts, right?) Also, how long does it normally take for noticeable results? I'm now realizing that I'm probably just judging the results too early based on a file that may not necessarily be high quality and may be too advanced used in sub-optimal conditions, but whatever. Guess I'm just a bit eager =P