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  1. Warmer this week

    I live by the coast in Canada so it takes a while to get fully cold. I've definitely noticed it's been especially slow to cool off this year though. Only a light dusting of snow so far.
  2. Therians?????

    Therianism is similar to being a furry in the sense you can define it how you wish for the most part. Different people have different concepts of what it is but the basic idea is that you have some higher connection with animals or a specific species. Some people feel as though they aren't in the right body, other people are content with the fact they're human but they feel connected to an animal.
  3. Hey All!

    Hey, thanks for the post m8!
  4. Hey All!

    Hey everyone, new to the hypnosis field and looking to get some cool results! Just popping by to say hello before I delve into the forums