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  1. "As much as it pains me to report, the single IMAX sequence was not visually enhanced for home video presentation." Yeah...What the heck.

  2. Haha, apparently I'm taking to @ralenys about @lunovulpes, but he's mainly talking about himself. https://t.co/0UVT7n7vhq

  3. RT @elsydeondragon: Agree fully on this. https://t.co/cndJKV0gQN

  4. @Meta_Artist Sucks to be yooouuu~ c:

  5. @NogitsuneGabe @theKitsuneKit ...Wait a minute, if you eat him after that...Do you turn into a chocolate fox too? o_O

  6. @RedTheRabbit Actually, one of my biggest problems is that Twitter throttles you, something that happens on all 3rd-party clients.
  7. In the past few months up to last year, I've integrated a lot of what I wanted to be into what I am now, and this name change reflects that.
  8. It's so hard to keep up with Twitter when the app sucks so much, while Telegram is actually native and so smooth.
  9. @PretzelzCollie @Tofufox Well, it does save gas too, I suppose.
  10. @PretzelzCollie @Tofufox That is, if you have a spare. My Chevy Malibu doesn't. :c I do have flats covered though in case it does happen.
  11. Holy hell. Lake Travis is actually full. I can't believe it. o.o
  12. @Tofufox Or have your oil life monitored by your car and TPMS for monitoring your tire pressure. P:
  13. RT @CasualFennec: These poor normies @Disney what have you done None of these people are free from sin now https://t.co/NZkdUI0d6w
  14. @bucktowntiger Damn, man. I missed you here. It wasn't the same without you. :c