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  1. Species?

    I'm a wolf who chases after foxes when looking for a mate, 'cause that fluffy tail.
  2. Opinion on Tails

    I've actually been able to feel mine off and on for years now, even without recordings or live sessions or anything like that. I don't know how I convinced myself its there, but one day, years ago, I noticed that I was getting tactile sensations from it, and just took it as a success of a sorts. I've gotten to where I feel it all the time, though I've never gotten to see it. I wish I could, because I've got this weird desire to give it a good shampoo and conditioning. Then again, I was a young teen when I started to tell myself it was there, so maybe that's why I've had the degree of success I have. As for what its like? I can't imagine life without it anymore. I intellectually understand that it isn't physically there, but don't care, its a part of me. I've learned to curl it into my lap when sitting, unless it takes to wagging. I push doors shut with a foot, and pull them shut with my arm at full extension, or even waling backwards at times. I pull it close to me in a crowd, and stick it out when I'm running. I tend to hold it in an ark, though, it just feels natural. Though I have no feeling in the first inch of it when I'm wearing pants, which gets weird at times. Just knowing its there, though, always helps to buffer my mood a bit.
  3. Collars: Yay or Nay?

    I've had mine for a while, and it feels nice to wear it. I will admit that when my mom saw it, she freaked. That was the day that put the final nail in our relationship (we still talk, but only because I live with her), because she couldn't understand that I don't care about her opinion, or anyone else's for that mater. My dad didn't care that I have it, nor that I wear it in public (I wore this thing out of Wal-Mart when I bought it). Mine's just a synthetic fabric one in red, but it really has helped me to stop worrying what other people think. Though I still hide it from my mom. I'm going repeat some advice I got from one of my High School English teachers: "Let your freak flag fly!" If you want one and have the money, get it, wear it, love it.
  4. I'm also and aspie myself, and I can say that I have always had trouble with being put under (though my ADD may be a player in the matter, too). I've only recently started to have limited success, and even then its not 100% of the time. I never thought about it much, I just assumed it was the autism. We just think in a different way from most people, and thus have to do some things differently. Inducing a trance seems to just be one of those things that we have to look for a way that works for us. I'd also recommend cutting back on caffeine if you're trying to induce a trance on yourself, as stimulants in general make in harder to achieve the desired relaxed state. I tend to drink a LOT of coffee and tea most days, but on days that I intend to induce a trance, I stay away from it, despite the fact that it helps to organize my thoughts.