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  1. I think I wound up jumping from one link to another while looking for something totally unrelated, and wound up stumbling into a thread. It was so long ago that I can barely remember at this point. Back in my day, we had to walk up hill both ways in the snow to make a post, and we didn't have a fancy domain name. Oh no, we used a service! Darn kids and your wheely-whirls and diddly-do-dads.
  2. RP Character Profiles

    RP: The World Spun Backwards: Reboot Name: Yuki (Born: Sofia Nevsky) Age: 908 Gender: Female (Technically could appear either, but almost never appears as male) Species: Fox spirit (North-Eastern Siberian Clan) History: (Feel free to just skim any of this, it's a little lengthy) Appearance: Almost always appears as a 5' 6" female human, around age 19, with pale skin, white hair, and bright, almost glowing, blue eyes. When alone or with those she knows, she allows her tails and ears out, though around strangers and when traveling she hides her tails. Despite her age she has difficulty controlling her ears, and when she loses focus, is surprised, bored, or exerts a lot of energy, they tend to pop out. As a result, she almost always wears a hat when traveling. Her canine teeth are also noticeably larger than they would be on a human. She wears the traditional clothing of a miko* in respect for her actual duty, with the fairly out of place addition of her sword (something that frequently caused whispers in her early travels in Japan, many believing her to really be an assassin). She wears a small, teal beryl stone on a string around her neck, a sign of the contract as well as an indicator of if the current village head is alive or not (should he die the stone would shatter, signifying the end of the contract). When she is angry, becomes very distracted, or is in combat her clan's markings appear on her face as a pair of curved, gray stripes running from the sides of her jaw to the outer edge of her eyes. The wind spirit attached to her soul appears as a young girl with black hair and brown eyes, though she is only visible to those who are very aware of such things. Personality: Yuki tends to appear very calm and gentile when in a normal situation. While alone she can occasionally appear to be muttering to herself as she bickers with Tsubasa over some inconsequential issue. At times she can be rather awkward, and she often acts much as she did while she was still human when around others. Needless to say many customs and words have died out over the last 900 years, and such things can occasionally raise a few eyebrows, more in confusion at her dialect than anything. She also believes herself to be more powerful than she really is, forgetting she is no loner on her land, something that has caused her trouble on her long voyage. Her personality does do a 180 in serious situations, however. She can become extremely cold and calculating, and those who first see her like this often believe she is without emotion. She is also somewhat afraid of dogs, seeing as she is a fox after all. Skills: She is skilled with her sword, though her attacks are mostly offensive based, and she tends to struggle when forced to defend. She can use her sword to channel her spiritual powers, since it acts as an guide and amplifier. This is used to make a distance attack, by forming her energy into a blade and using the sword to direct it at extremely high speed towards her enemy. She is also capable in more traditional spells, which while more powerful, are complicated and comparatively time consuming, so she has a habit of not using them unless out of options. In addition to this she is trained in traditional medicine, though the lack of familiar herbs and ingredients outside of Eastern Asia causes her to struggle with this. She can use her powers to teleport herself and others, however it is extremely difficult for her to move more than one person (due to their spiritual wavelengths being different), and doing so would leave her her completely exhausted afterward, and if done over a long distance or with a large number of people it can knock her out for a month. Just doing it for herself or just to another person, on the other hand, is fairly easy and not particularly tiring. As a result she does it quite a bit. Being off the land she is contracted to, her powers, while very polished, are no greater than any other fox spirit. While still strong without it, when she looses her weapon she tends to struggle in fights against those close in strength to her. Possessions: She keeps very little on her person, apart from her clothing and hat. Her sword is a traditional looking in katana in appearance, with a red sheath and white hilt. The blade itself was crafted by a powerful spirit in the 14th century, does not rust, and is nearly impossible to break.. It lacks any other real powers in and of itself, most of its strength coming acting as an exceptionally good channel for the owner's spiritual powers. She also carries a tanto with the same pattern inside of her shirt. As such, it varies in use from person to person. Because of this, the blade cannot rust. Around her neck is the teal beryl stone given to her to signify the contract between her and the village head's family. It is tied around her neck with a white, silk piece of cloth, and is in the shape of a polished ring. She carries a small kit of medicinal herbs and other simple medical supplies for emergencies. She has a decent amount of gold and precious stones given to her throughout her 900 years at the shrine as tributes. She uses these to pay for her travels when she cannot live off the land, mostly in the barren north. It often appears that she has an unlimited supply of dried foods stashed in her clothing, as she is often seen snacking on them. *For those of you with actual lives: Exact translation varies, usually priestess, female shaman or shrine maiden. " The traditional attire of a miko would be a pair of red "hakama" (which are long, divided trousers), a white "Haori" (which is a "kimono" jacket), and some white or red hair ribbons." http://upload.wikime...40/Hihakama.JPG I know, Japan, hush.
  3. RP Character Profiles

    RP: The World Spun Backwards Name: Kaytee Race: Ice Apparition - Takes the form of a fox (her natural shape), or of a human with fox ears and tail, when traveling, she generally travels in her more human form (IE what you'll see her as 90% of the time) Gender: Female Age: 500 (the 2000 years while sealed aren't counted) Area of origin: Near present day Barrow, Alaska (northernmost US city) Appearance: Approximately five and a half feet tall in her "human" form (she has ears and a tail thought). Her hair is very long, and silver, with bangs in the front. Pale blue eyes. Wears a dark blue robe. Very slender, not much muscle mass. As such she avoids getting into potentially violent situations. In her fox form (non-anthro), most of her fur is white, and she has gray markings on her face, and paws. Her tail is all white, and her ears have grey running from the tips down the center of the back, ending at the base of her ears. Powers: Skilled at manipulating ice and water, though she isn't a serious fighter, and only attacks when she has to. Has the ability to transform. Weapons: None besides magic and her body. Personality: Though she often travels alone, and pretends to hate the company of others, she actually enjoys being around others, and become fairly depressed if she doesn't have contract with others for a long time. As such, she can often appear cold, and even rude on the surface, but if you can get past that she can be an extremely loyal companion. Dislikes large fires and crowded areas. Reason for traveling: A combination of wanting to see the world, growing tired of her barren home, and an increase in demon inhabitants.
  4. RP Character Profiles

    RP: The Furry Round Robin Name: Roger McGovern Species: Human Fursona: None Gender: Male Age: 32 Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lbs. Alignment: Neutral Visual Characteristics: A rather ragged looked man, with dirty blond hair, and a rough, but short beard. He has green eyes, tanned skin, and is muscular, but lean. Personality: Generally an uncaring person, Roger pretty much works for what he things is right, and can be on both sides of the aisle depending on the issue. He tends to be a loner, and isn't overly talkative with people he cares about, mostly in order to not get attached due to his vagabond ways, and the loss of many people around him. Past: Born at the start of the New Millennium, Roger lived an average life in a southern suburb, outside of Charleston, South Carolina. His parents were extremely patriotic, and stereotypical southern conservatives. They were strict, but strong parents, and the occasional spanking proved to be a good, strong foundation for his strength in touch situations. He was a teenager when the Advancing began, and remembered that his parents had been strictly opposed to it, joining in in some of the riots opposed to it. At the age of fifteen, both his parents were killed with SSA soldiers opened fire at the protesters in Charleston. He was sent to a state run orphanage, and grew up to serve a short term in the military. He was dishonorably discharged during his fourth after publicly challenging the administration at the time. For a time he was a violent protester, breaking windows, throwing Molotov Cocktails at police cars, and generally wreaking havoc. However, a narrow escape from a prison where he was being kept after breaking into a state bank changed him. He realized that, while the government was wrong, and corrupt, he was wrong in his constant and random strikes. So, instead he took a job on a collective in Virginia, and worked from the underground, making plots to undermine the administration. He has been known to work with the so called "US Government in exile" before, however no longer supports many of the open protesters, believing they would threaten his position, even turning them in at times. Due to some of these arrests, he grew to an overseeing position on his collective, which allowed him to carry a hunting rifle for "the protection of the people" from rioters and troublemakers, despite the banning of personal weapons in SSA territory. Abilities: Strong, and imposing, he can often scare away people that threaten him. An extremely good shot, and owns a Reminton Model 7600 due to his "oversight" position on the collective he works at. Fairly good at throwing knives, and can run for long distances due to his army training.