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  1. a new hypnotist arives

    thank you both for the warm welcome! Kanabal, i was wondering since it is not well discussed in the TOS, are there any restrictions on content beyond the normal copyright stuff? i was also curious what are the file size restrictions here?
  2. a new hypnotist arives

    Greetings everyone! I am Professor Pig. I am a long time furry. I have been publicly publishing hypnosis files for about a year now on WarpMyMind, SoFurry, and Furaffinity. i hope to share some on here soon after that one week restriction is lifted. I primarily do work with pig themes, although plenty of non pig identifying furries have listened and enjoyed my work as well. i enjoy sharing what i know about art and hypnosis, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me whatever you like. :9) Professor Pig-