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  1. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I'm playing AdVenture Capitalist and I'm going to get back to continue playing the games Deponia and Life Is Strange
  2. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Hello! How is everyone?
  3. Hi, pink fox introduces himself.

    Just wondering, where to start.
  4. Hi, pink fox introduces himself.

    Greetings everyone, I'm a pink fox interested in the various ways of mind changing hypnotic trances. I'm from Germany and I'm currently 37 years old. My interests to begin with are achieving a trance state where I might get vivid pictures like in dreaming. In the long term I have some interest in changing how I perceive myself, like having fur or even a tail, or maybe acquire a furry companion if possible. Pleased to meet you.