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  1. Hi i'm a french fur who enjoy to try hypnosis especially in the summer. :3
  2. -TF2 -crypt of the necrodancer -Pokemon ORAS -Fantasy life
  3. Mistery dungeon is the only game that I think about...
  4. This would be cool.
  5. My account is not even higher than lv 15.
  6. Personnaly I'm watching jojo's bizarre adventure this summer. And I recommande It strongly. :3
  7. Rick and Morty will be back this month :3
  8. This used to be good... I wonder when ORAS will be finished.
  9. R.I.P Iwata
  10. I'm playing a lot on showdown this time!
  11. thanks
  12. i really like gba's emulator on android, getting my gba in high school will be weird for me, and it is fun to beat minish cap with friends.
  13. Street of rage time at 1:38 !