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  1. ummm may seem silly here but what is a tupla?
  2. Mines kinda just forming itself naturally i guess nothing pushing me in any real direction
  3. Windows 10

    I have a year to claim my free upgrade ill take it June next year, wait for as many fixes as possible
  4. Retro Gaming?

    I still play alot of my dreamcast if u count that
  5. What If?

    It could work out, but not in our life times after a few generations it would just be excepted
  6. Ive always found myself asking this same question, from experiance if i have the file on loop i think dayum i missed the file and feel asleep then realise that as always ive woke up like bam 2 loops gone past and its always at the end of the 3rd induction might just be a coincidence but it it always happens at that point :S
  7. subliminal blaster

    I may have to give this a go Any more advice on scripts to use?