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  1. Very interesting Always fairly interested with anything in regards to that; thank you by the way for the advice. I find it odd in itself that being susceptible to trances is far more difficult in autism as a whole just because of some different wiring changes in the mind and whole the consciousness thinks more logically.
  2. I figured I would ask about this and see what you guys felt about it since I find it difficult to get through a trance myself. I currently have Asperger's and it does certainly inhibit my being able to be tranced. I understand this is a fairly personal topic so no responses are necessary was just curious. Edit. Fixed some of the spelling and grammatical issues. (Even with android lollipop tablets still are not 100% spellcheckers.
  3. I will agree to what is said above,however like all hypnosis induction files can be dangerous when they have specific triggers that are set for everyone to use. Make sure you "listen" first, then actually listen if you agree with the file.