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  1. ??? ???

    Mind me for my curiosity and lack of knowledge, but what is exactly a suntherian?
  2. Recreational Mathematics

    They indeed look more programming-targeted than just solvable trough math. I suppose that one could just determine how to solve it without actually putting it down to code...
  3. Recreational Mathematics

    I do have an interest for math outside the boundary if career/study, and I've given given a look to the project some time ago. Still feels like homework to me though, so I'd rather read from the pile of books I still have to wade trough
  4. Beginner Hypnosis Questions

    As I've given it a try I can tell you it aims to make you feel in a comfortable, figurative "bubble". I take it's an introduction, and can be useful to see how things work. Regulars probably know as of why it was defined famous
  5. How did you come up with your fursona?

    I had developed a wolf trough a good number of books, but ended up switching to this to better match my likings and for the fluff
  6. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I've recently been playing ESO as I have some free time after having dropped another game, although I play from the PC. I'd be interested in some more experienced player or more in general someone else to play with rather than going with a random team every time.
  7. Species?

    Weasel myself, although I do have a certain affinity to similar animals, such as ermines, of which I might mix up elements of, and foxes. The avatar as well as my usual way to present myself as furry is of a mienshao. Ultimately, I feel that shape, species, etc matters only to a point, and isn't sufficient to define it as a character.
  8. Collars: Yay or Nay?

    Nowadays pretty much anything gets sexualized, let alone something that fits tightly and highlights a point that's usually considered sensitive and related. With this idea to reason on you'd probably end up not taking/wearing it. However I feel that if you were to pick up something that doesn't shout for attention, all you need to do is to act normally and not be concerned about it. I think that concern over one's appearance and others' thinking will probably call attention to that and make it read in the wrong key.
  9. Heat Management

    While I had not heard of such a happening earlier, I do think you should first check whether you have any condition unrelated to hypnosis and take care of that, if appropriate. The thermometer suggestion is valid, and perhaps having someone you can trust to effectuate the measurements could be useful as well. I am also somewhat curious whether there's any other sign than the perception of heat, as in sweat or something tangible afterwards, were you not to use the thermometer.