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  1. RT @Kekeflipnote: But to be honest, the only hero I need to see on the new Switch console is : https://t.co/id6Q8l1o6w

  2. Found a wayward traveller in my folks yard today, so I helped him onto his final destination; a nearby pond! https://t.co/kAgvI9uX4g

  3. @_MidnightPurple hope the rest of your unpacking goes well! I'm off for work, so I may take longer to reply!

  4. RT @guruguruuzumaki: 大洗、今日の月の出。 https://t.co/uZy3DnNInx

  5. @TheAceFox knew a guy in Austin who did just that; it's a mean car, even if it's purist sacrilege.

  6. RT @GetFent: Morning wedgies and coffee. A truly stellar subject matter! https://t.co/X0V1yc19D5

  7. RT @NeonYakumo: Awoo https://t.co/8UdfU5JqN0

  8. RT @The8Mice: #Inktober2016 day 7 A mechanic. https://t.co/igniHacSrJ

  9. RT @Ragadabah: Sweary#6 Crypt of the Necrodancer themed swears. https://t.co/SA5ZoHujgM

  10. RT @JessFink: When ppl with egg avatars @ you and your like https://t.co/HYI9O77rqs

  11. @ninjasexparty human anatomy Easter egg?

  12. RT @Kekeflipnote: Grandma's pie!- La tarte de grand-mère ! It's from a Vine made by Thomas Sanders :) Best fox grandma ;u; https://t.co/mV…

  13. @MikeFolf my favourite REO speedwagon album! https://t.co/6wwOnOjQ7G

  14. @Torq_shep just make a word up then! Lord knows I'd use it a lot when having to constantly adjust the drums on mine

  15. RT @Kekeflipnote: HEY !!! Draw me free art !! Please :3 Sure ;3 ! https://t.co/TJcrHii3UG