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  1. RT @catteboots: your flouncy tailed bus driver friend [commission for dave in winnipeg] https://t.co/I4gIC1Th27

  2. @anfeline @existentialpink @DurnkCorgi If the OP’s mom is a mechanic then she would have seen this and probably kno… https://t.co/1yE48DJDsx

  3. RT @keeperaft: U-Uhm I like how this turned out =w= https://t.co/2ja17fuMH5

  4. RT @TomColetti: Almost finished with this painting, but not quite... still some details left to add. Will post the finished version tomorro…

  5. @Coldoggo Too lewd for main

  6. @colfox_ What is that??? It looks kinda like a 22r but not exactly

  7. @Tav_Fox Curse your catchy folk song and literally saying only one line has me humming it

  8. @Coyoteous The world may never know...

  9. @AetherSwarm Such a scary lady; 2spooky4me plz don’t interrogate

  10. RT @zketcherz: I cant believe i havent posted this here after how popular its become on tumblr ;A; https://t.co/HdSx2MV9PB

  11. @Newtaloo Real talk; I think this is a broader problem in pop culture in general, and I wonder if there’s any parel… https://t.co/0JoHlpYLlz

  12. RT @caroramsey: idk who edited my gif and removed my URL but I’ve been seeing this everywhere and uhhhhh it’s mine!! https://t.co/Hc4IFJHxR…

  13. RT @HamillHimself: @Iordvaders hewwo

  14. RT @verge: Update: Apple confirms it slows down old iPhones https://t.co/PLkBTscEi1 https://t.co/ul6AMbvwvP