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  1. Picked up a first pressing of Into the Gap. Much better cover art than later pressings. https://t.co/oE50z8js7V

  2. New @BWWings in Burlington, MA - best service ever! :3 coming back again and again!

  3. RT @Altase_: I got a new dog, it's kinda weird tho https://t.co/L5zd2iUGLr

  4. Well, at least I know my UPS works...was safely able to shut down my server...

  5. Oh look, The Jetsons is sexist. 1960s at its best >.> https://t.co/zU7UXeHeGA

  6. Can we bring @culvers to Massachusetts? PLEASE?!?

  7. At check-in @MarriottMarquis told us we'd be able to extend-stay Sunday night at the @FurryWeekendAtl rate. Was just told otherwise...

  8. Oh man, only I would be excited to see Big Kahuna in Atlanta... #PulpFiction https://t.co/v8bL80GDJD

  9. @FurryPicnic thanks! Looking forward to it! @BaymontCT Best hotel I've been to , yet!

  10. Looking forward to seeing one of @AnnSoforth 's completed screenplays, The Blimp Trap. https://t.co/vsJVjMI161 Check it out if you can!

  11. @ctcwired really interesting! I have a lot of collegiate theses about the fandom, it's cool to watch a presentation. Very well put together

  12. RT @jonnysun: i sent all my sims to universitey & they all became computer scientists & proved they were living in a simulation so i unplug…
  13. #TMITuesday ask me anything! https://t.co/jNXTzM9pwT
  14. @BWWings wouldn't honor my birthday coupon, how sad....
  15. Just glitched Red on the 3DS VC. Found a Exeggcute in Viridian Forest :3