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  1. Anthro always seems to be the most desirable to me. The ever so mentioned hands as well as pre-existing clothing and complex society are great boons. Plus they're just great to look at.
  2. I was interested in hypnosis and found this site off Google.
  3. I like to play Snes/NES games quite a bit and have many Genesis games on Steam. Whenever I find an arcade cabinet I always try and find some quarters to play it.
  4. Nope, no interest or assets to afford such things. Do you play classic videogames?
  5. The Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson. WW2 destroyer gets sent to alternate, hell-on-earth, earth and make friends with some Lemur-dudes and enemies with some Lizard-dudes. It's a fun read, especially if you like Navy things.
  6. I've just been playing Team Fortress 2 really. I did just get Titan souls for a challenge. Probably gonna play Ace Combat Zero at some point since I just got it in the mail.
  7. I love mods, you love mods, what are your favorite mods in your favorite videogames? Personally I'll have to go with the Guncaster mod for Heretic. Nothing quite like being a dragon and shooting/cursing medieval monsters in the Doom engine.
  8. Hi, so I need to gets some posts under my belt to actually download files, but I do have some questions. I'm interested in knowing just how much influence hypnosis can have on the mind. I'm aware of stage magician and clinical hypnosis which enter your subconscious and implant suggestions, but how noticeable are they in the conscious mind? I'm asking because it does seem fairly easy to give yourself a phantom limb if you imagine hard enough, but does hypnosis cause you to actually see it, or is it all just imaginary? I've noticed that the user agreement and various other people say that this is serious business and can screw you up, but is that true?