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  1. I'm looking to get to know the patrons of this site better. Hence I hereby request that as many people as possible PM me
  2. anyone rocking some yandere simulator?
  3. There is a new one?! gonna have to check that out, still I find that taking hypnosis files or recordings from somewhere I don't trust is rather risky.... never know what is safe these days.
  4. It occured to me today to ask how many therians are on furmorphed. with the nature of therianism I thought it would be interesting to see the difference in concentrations
  5. Personally I went through a web comic called fur piled last saturday and enjoyed it profusely, if you have the time I would recommend it.
  6. A definition for you sir a mammal of the weasel family ( Mustelidae ), distinguished by having a long body, short legs, and musky scent glands under the tail.