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  1. Both have their appeal. Preferably I like to be anthro, but I still appreciate the feral form too~ I can now see why being a shape-shifter would be so appealing! Haha~
  2. Sword Art Online was definitely one of my more recent favorites. I have a tendency to get worked up and emotional while watching anime, and I love love love Asuna and Kirito's love for one another! It's very touching~ Makes me wish I had someone to love like that.
  3. I recently re-bought The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages on my 3DS. I'm so happy I get to play this game again~!
  4. I used to practice piano, but I could never get myself to sit down and learn to play properly. My problem lies in not being able to read music notes quickly enough. On the other hand, I seem to have a skill at playing short pieces of music by ear without the need of sheet music. Nothing too advanced, mind you, but it's a start~!
  5. Unfortunately, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. (You're welcome).
  6. I want to get married one day to the love of my life (whoever he might be. I just haven't met him yet). Would you consider yourself to be a superstitious person?
  7. I was already part of the furry community for quite some time now! When I was searching hypnosis files (for phantom ears and tail), I accidentally stumbled across this website. So anyways, here I am~ Tada!