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  1. I'm still playing Borderlands 2 and warcraft 3 - nothing interesting xD
  2. Currently reading "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - just love this book It can bring a smile to my face at all times.
  3. Used to play on a piano ... but haven't practised in a looong looong time, so atm I know only the notes xD
  4. Well let's be real - because there r no impossible things in life you can get what you want, even if it's in a different time line. To me the chance seems like infinitely low, but hey it would be very interesting if it does happen
  5. Not the most impressive video, but it's good in its own way
  6. I've been trying hypnosis for a while, ( only one or 2 furry files ), but don't think I've gone any far - some short lasting sensations and that's it, but I would love to try and get deeper
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  8. @nutakugames At least I can make 1 girl happy xD