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  1. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    Joined, thank you! I can't say I looked too closely, but I didn't notice the Discord server when I did... thus I could say it can be made more obvious.
  2. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    Thank you. Is there a link to the Discord group please? I have yet to join it, and I'd definitely be interested in being on there too.
  3. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    I could definitely still use the help: My dreams are still erratic, but usually depressing and weird. I'd have to consider whether any such risk is worse than not trying to get rid of them.

    Thank you. You told me some of this in PM, but I believe this explains it a bit better and in more detail. Just to be clear: What I mean by "taking the wrecking ball to my subconscious mind" is me considering my mind a mess that any such hypnosis could only make better rather than worse. My initial desired approach was basically "as long as it's furry related and replaces everything else that's currently in there, shove it without any second thoughts and do your worst... the more of it the better". It is however fair to say that on a second thought, I can see that going wrong and not being a good approach. Even if at a first thought, that idea sounds like the one thing I've been wanting to do all of my life and now I finally get to stab that part of my brain I've always wanted to stab.
  5. Astral projection hypnosis

    True, but at the same time I can see the two (lucid dreaming / visual hallucinations + astral projection) being very close. Very much so given that, whenever I experience any sort of vivid vision, I'm left with a question I have absolutely no way of answering yet: How much is my brain making it up all on its own... or how much is it making it up based on information it's receiving and interpreting from some piece of the universe? It's both a bit annoying yet at the same time captivating, knowing there's no way to tell either way.
  6. Spells?

    Oh... sorry about that then. Not sure, I'm afraid I haven't gotten there as of yet.
  7. Spells?

    If only. As far as I'm aware unfortunately, we live in a physics-centric universe... one in which our conscious minds can only have enough effect over matter to manipulate or translate neurons in our brains so that we may use and sense our bodies. In an universe friendlier to life, what we label here as magic would be a lot easier. Here only a handful of "mind over matter" scenarios are possible, most at microscopic level and even those so tiny the science community can't yet accept them. It's fair to say that many years ago, I have heard several claims from otherkins / therians of physical shifting. I don't suspect they were making fun of me and deliberately lying, nor that they were insane in the literal sense of the word... most likely they experienced mental TF and thought it was physical. In some cases they said it happened while they were sleeping, but once they woke up it only lasted for a few seconds (which I find is typical for many sleep induced effects after waking up).

    As someone who actively wants to use hypnosis to take the wrecking ball to my subconscious mind, but so far can't seem to make any of it work at all... I would normally tell you not to worry at all. However I've heard more experienced people saying it can have a profound effect for some, so if that's the case I'd still be on the lookout.
  9. Astral projection hypnosis

    I would definitely love to hear more about this wonderful subject myself.
  10. Human Voice or Text to Speech

    I haven't listened to enough hypnosis files to say, but some 2 cents on this; If done well, text-to-speech might just be as good if not better than a real voice recording! Though it does sound like adding some discrete filters would be a good idea, such as a pleasant echo not to mention background music. This is probably a matter of preference still. Anyway I find that oddly enough, computer generated voices can sometimes be easier to listen to. Perhaps due to their more unusual accents, the more repetitive nature of vocal patterns, or even the knowledge that it's not a real person who recorded it which makes them feel more detached from this world. Their biggest advantage though is that you can easily create your own hypnosis files, without having to ask someone else to record themselves for you or having to use your own voice if you don't want to. Likely something I'll try myself later on, granted I cannot and do not wish to speak out loud about some of the things I'd put in them.
  11. Greetings everyone

    Awwwh... hi dear. It is nice to see you here as well
  12. Using hypnosis to remove bad dreams

    I will keep that in mind, and thank you very much! As far as lucid dreaming goes, it's a subject I plan to make a whole new thread on, later when I have the energy for a potentially long writing. Long story short, I was able to do this but VERY rarely (just a few times in my life though most were in recent months), but could not maintain it for more than just a few seconds... the perfect realism and how accurately every rule of physics works still leaves me mesmerized.
  13. Getting through to my subconscious mind

    I see. My idea mostly came from previous experience with getting close to a trance, which I can do more easily now as I practiced a lot but never all the way. The way I seem to work can be put on an axis: On the left side, I am completely awake and aware so nothing is capable of influencing my mind... on the right side (didn't fully get here yet), my brain remains biologically awake but I'm completely unaware of any memory from this life or of my self here. The realism of the experience always seems to be proportional to this axis: The more my mind is on the left side, the simpler and more dull my experience is (starting from a daydream I'm merely envisioning)... whereas the more it's on the right side, the more realistic it gets (up to a lucid dream 100% as real as everyday life, I got here extremely rarely). As for my subconscious mind: The problem I've had for years is that I've got a lot of stuff locked in it that I need to get rid of, however the area in my mind where they seem to be stuck is completely inaccessible to me. It's like a whole different brain, which only influences me in ways so subtle I can't even notice them directly, whereas if I'm sleeping it becomes active and trolls me with bad dreams (my thread on that here). This is why my objective has been to scorch what's currently in the back of my mind, and replace it with things that will hopefully stop supplying my depression and help keep me more sane.
  14. A major problem I've had for years has been getting rid of bad dreams, which I now experience on a nightly basis. Each night I either have dreams I cannot remember, or strange dreams that even make me feel dull during the rest of the day. I've been hoping that in addition to mental furry TF, hypnosis could be used to change what I dream of. They aren't literal nightmares or anything scary that prompts me to wake up, which thankfully I get extremely rarely nowadays. It's just depressing or annoying subjects, taking place in weird and distorted environments. More exactly I experience remixed versions of past life events; The action always takes place in a slightly different version of a location I frequent(ed), involving people from my everyday life (many of which I'd rather not think of), and are centered around subjects which again have happened in my past. By now I'm beyond sick of it, and no longer want my mind poisoned with this junk. What do I want in their place? As is probably no surprise given the topic of this forum, I seek dreams in which I can spend time with and around other anthros, in what is ideally a better and less mundane / dark / depressing world compared to this one. Whether I can perceive myself as a real furry or not, I wish to at least see and interact with others who are such! I'm not even picky about where the action takes place or what activities happen... though as it might be hard to a keep secret with the subject being a close thing for me, vorish dreams are something I've wanted to have the most (a.k.a. getting eaten by beautiful vixen ladies), which of course is beyond the scope of this thread and something I'll try to only bring up in limited form if ever relevant. Needless to say, I can barely and most vaguely remember ever getting close to dreaming of furries or anything not this world, for the most part it's never happened in my life. An important thing to clarify about my dreams, which is also what makes this all the more strange: The things I dream of at night are NOT matters I actively think of during the day nor before going to bed! Quite oppositely they're things I have mostly forgotten, and which only seem to surface out of nowhere in said dreams. In fact I look at and think of those things I do want to dream of before heading off for the day, and my mind indeed pictures them right up until I fall asleep... the moment I am asleep however, it's like my brain switches to a completely different set of memories hidden from my brain during its awake activity, which it then forces upon me in those dreams. Does anyone have any advice that might help with this? Do you think hypnosis can be used to modify what we dream of? If yes then how do I do it please?
  15. As mentioned in my intro, I haven't really messed around with hypnosis until now. This has in part been due to a major limitation that seems to apply to me, which makes any attempt in this regard unsuccessful; My mind remains awake and aware at all times, unless my entire body falls asleep... thus I can't fully do things such as meditation and hypnosis. From what I could tell over the years, the problem stems from my mind being locked in a permanent state of awareness and alert; As long as I'm still awake, I am knowledgeable of being awake and of all of my everyday memories, most of which are stressful further making this an issue. Even if I try not to think about stuff, a thought from everyday life will still eventually resurface, and minutes may pass before I'm aware of that and try to focus again. I assume this is additionally fueled by me being constantly paranoid and alert and generally untrusting of everything, which are also issues I'm not sure how to fix at this stage. What do you recommend in order to shut down the awake part of my brain? How can I make hypnosis get through my alert mind, and able to actually work with my consciousness? For all this time, my subconscious mind has been a spot I could never in any way get to and modify, as if it's locked away in a safe and what's there is there forever... I am in part here as I'm hoping to learn how to break into it, which is required to fix problems that have made life a lot harder.